Aeren : “Breakthru” CD 6th March 2018 Sliptrik Records.

Aeren : "Breakthru" CD 6th March 2018 Sliptrik Records.
Aeren : "Breakthru" CD 6th March 2018 Sliptrik Records.
Aeren : “Breakthru” CD 6th March 2018 Sliptrik Records.

Aeren : “Breakthru” CD 6th March 2018 Sliptrik Records. Italy Pop / Rock band. It is always good to hear a label that doesn’t stick only in the Metal genre and also have different taste in music. Started not long ago around 2015 they already gained a lot of support and great fan base with their music that has sometimes what I call “the sugar music ” style. The singer Silvia Galetta ‘s voice is just lovely and gets into your head pretty quickly.

The album first songs make you think straight away to Paramore and the singer with pink/red color ad that feeling much more, but it is not the only influence that popped into my mind. While it gets pretty clear they are influenced by that kind of band which is probably their generation, I can hear a bit of No Doubt, The T.A.W.S vibe… Those bands are from the nineties to the late music influences.

The twelves songs are like many mini albums as the music tends to move on to different type of influence. Maybe the reason why the back of the CD has different colors like a rainbow on each title…Many like me will hear the eighties influences such as Cindy Lauper, Bananarama…and so on.

The band is in love with bands such as Foo Firefighter and Muse, which I personally don’t hear much apart from the sample sounds..but then I’m not a fan of those bands who have eighties influences too. So it spills in the sound that really hit my mind and give me the pleasure of listening to this beautiful album.

Some songs have piano and cool atmosphere reminding Evanescence a little, but they are plenty of great bands playing piano in the pop world and classical style so we can find the influence we can from the bands we are listening to. The beautiful voice reminds me a bit of Suzi Kory’s one which is probably due to the little accent that gives her vocals those charming tunes.

The end of the album has also a vibe of Avril Lavigne teint, flavour of Michelle Branch .. the drums have sometimes that punky rocky hit “poom shak..” which that slide them into the popular music that made the hits in the seventies and eighties tunes.

Make up your mind :

So you made up your mind yet? well it’s just a perfect album to dance and enjoy the feeling of each tracks and the booklet has great photos among the lyrics. It’s just beautiful and if it talks to you then it what’s matters 100/100.

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