Ana: “The Art of Letting Go ” CD the 29th March 2024 Eclipse records.

Ana: « The Art of Letting Go » CD the 29th March 2024 Eclipse records.
Ana: « The Art of Letting Go » CD the 29th March 2024 Eclipse records.
Ana: ” The Art of Letting Go ” CD the 29th March 2024 Eclipse records.

Ana: ” The Art of Letting Go” CD the 29th March 2024 Eclipse records. Australian Pop / Rock / Hard Rock FM / AOR band.

The band started a year ago in January 2023. A great EP with professional musicians. Simple cover art with great design, straight to the point just called Ana like the singer who is taking all attention. I can’t stop listening to those songs ringing in my head all day since  I heard them.

The album is coming soon, the band is already playing live shows, and Ana Khrinstenko (singer) has made photo shoot with Peter Coulson, a famous photographer. A band that already has everything to hit the world like a bomb and blast the music universe.

A mysterious lineup with masks, who appears to be known in the country from their previous bands. Josh Mak on guitar ( Cynation), Tory Gambia on  Bass (Carmeria), Cleveland Beckford Gonzalez on drums (Watch Me Face It), and Matt Williamson on the keyboard. Those professional players, have joined Ana to create a sensational musical explosion that will lead you all to bow down and dance to the mighty creations. 

A goddess of desire with enchanting melodies and moves such as a belly dancer, captures your mind with those videos and the music. A very prepared world domination, with a comic book, the mask, and the story around her identity and purpose on planet Earth. Recently signed to Eclipse Records, and is set to explode.

You will be blown away as soon as the first note plays. 

Listen up:

The album was recorded and mixed by Chris Themelco (Eye of the Enemy, Colour & Shade, Naberus) at Monolith Studios. Mastered by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson (Groove Armada, Soilwork, Mayhem) at The Panic Room Studio.

Each members have a very good background with won awards in diverse categories. The music hasn’t got any boundaries and will please everyone who simply loves music.  Very had to pigeon all in a box. A force to be reckoned with. 

You will dance ’till the morning. Five tracks taking over your body and soul. No big solos or pounding drums just grooves and nice tunes to elevate this band to the top.

A must-have 100/100.

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