Ashley Worhol : “Perception” Book 2017 Fresh Set of Eyes.

Ashley Worhol : "Perception" Book 2017 Fresh Set of Eyes.
Ashley Worhol : "Perception" Book 2017 Fresh Set of Eyes.
Ashley Worhol : “Perception” Book 2017 Fresh Set of Eyes.

Ashley Worhol : “Perception” Book 2017 Fresh Set of Eyes.  When I reviewed the album from worhol  I was very impressed by the work the band achieved with her father on the guitar and her boyfriend on the bass making this band a real different one from the masses. That girl is full of talent and in search of the arts, while she is writing lyrics to speak about her feelings , she also act in her videos. She in fact using her character she made to express her mood like her life is a movie. From that particular way , like an actress, she is not the usual person we meet or know. She bleeds arts from the tips of her fingers to her voice. The band is just one side of her personality.

Using stage outfit to describe what she sings and feel, her emotions are like visuals we all can see and understand. She is going further than the usual kids who wear black clothes or tattoos to show their way for anger, sadness and all the senses we have as a teen. She plays her own role using those effects with make up, hair color, dresses…. She is the director of her own self, reaching out the people with her voice in the music field. Painting to give the sight of what her eyes see. Acting to express the most visual parts of her thoughts and giving it the whole to sting our deepest feelings so we can grab a piece of her soul.

Now she is making a book, this is not the usual book you can imagine. Once again she is using the arts to fulfill her wish to express to the world how she sees it. The book is called “Perception” but could have been called “Testimony” as finally it is her testament to the world. Basically they are at least fourteen poems she wrote , some even are like songs you could hear in your mind while reading. She opens with a text directed to you the reader like she is talking to you as a friend which makes this book a very special one to own. It wouldn’t be different and out of the ordinary without all the graphics and designs from Scott Deyett from Inhouse Graphics. Added to all the photos by Craig Bryon giving a visual experience to feel deeper the poems written with such colorful pages . Each poem having a photo that expresses the text with different colors and atmosphere, each one could be a script for a movie.

Ashley is 100% an artist and shares her view with others bringing this special artwork you can read and dig into with pleasure from your eyes and soul. A brilliant work that will stick in history so if you want to own a piece of her, you can just dive by checking the page and buy this awesome book   , fans of artwork, comics, movie related will love it as much as I do 100/100.

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