Attila : “Rolling-Thunder” CD July 2018 Heaven and Hell Records.

Attila : "Rolling-Thunder" CD July 2018 Heaven and Hell Records.
Attila : "Rolling-Thunder" CD July 2018 Heaven and Hell Records.
Attila : “Rolling-Thunder” CD July 2018 Heaven and Hell Records.

Attila : “Rolling-Thunder” CD July 2018 Heaven and Hell Records. USA Heavy Metal band. Jeremy as a Heavy Metal maniac always brings us all the best bands that have let a trace in History. This one is a special one to me, unfortunately due to the death of one of the member the band will never be back again. I was expecting this awesome formation to get back and kick the world as they did with this amazing album that still rings in my ears and heart.

For some reasons Attila like many have released one great LP I am proud to own. Exploding riffs , powerful vocals, melodies and kicking solos to die to are the main description that band has brought to life , back in the early eighties with the sound which can’t be copied and can be recognized from what made Heavy Metal exploding.

This is the kind of band responsible for many formations to appear later, I often mentioned them as inspiration in my reviews such they have created a sound that will stick forever. Since the LP is kind of sought after and hard to find.  The label had decided to release a collectible CD to get you own a piece of music history. The only problem those days it ‘s that everything is released on few copies so if you have had the chance to get it , good for you if not you can still get the digital album. (CLick on the name , or the photo below to access the bandcamp page)

Attila preoder
Attila preoder

First time on CD ! Sixteen tracks, with album plus six bonus tracks and demo songs from 1985. Booklet with 16 pages composed of lyrics and photos…  A must have to any metal heads. But beware only pressed to 500 copies!!!

The sound of 1983 released few years later but an explosion of pleasure, a masterpiece of Heavy Metal. Listen to  the tunes and get addicted :

2018 re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studios NC in Winston Salem, NC. Executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer.

Attila with great songs such as “Turn up the Power” , “Rolling Thunder” , “Defcon 1 “..the Alice cooper cover “School’s Out” … every songs are awesome and can’t be divided.

Vincent Paul Vocals & Bass , John DeLeon Guitars and A.T. Soldier Drums made a brilliant trio to blow your mind.

This is such a great album. So get right away on the page to discover or rediscover this masterpiece 100/100.


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