Demonillusions : “Edges” Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released.

Demonillusions : "Edges" Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released.
Demonillusions : "Edges" Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released.
Demonillusions : "Edges" Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released.
Demonillusions: “Edges” Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released.

Demunillusions: “Edges” Digital single 14th April 2023 Self Released. Russian Symphonic / Orchestra / Metal band.

Formed a few years ago during the pandemic, the band composed lovely songs mixing many elements and setting them into the symphonic orchestra type of music. I must say it’s not easy for me to set them in a box. Some songs have that modern digital sound you find in Industrial bands. The keyboard is a strong element that gives the music a nice vibe anyone can fall in love with.¬†

Beautiful melodic female singer, taking your heart with an angelic feel. Pounding drums, heavy guitars, DemUnillsusions working on creating nice music during those hard times. This new song is a dedication to musician Artem Korablev, who participated in the band and died in 2021. This song was originally written by Artem himself years ago, the band decided to use it and arrange it to honor his memory.

A beautiful dedication to a friend, the video has lots of friends appearing with a message. With the easiness of the internet, you can now record lots of music. DemUnillsusions tends to have three versions of each song. Like a demo and the final result, the songs have diverse vibes as instrumental and other arrangements. Of course, you can hear them all on social media as their own website. Like my friend who sings in GOOT, having different versions of a song helps their creation gather most people and spread their music.

Very creative individuals and the band logo as their music show they have ideas and a strong artistic sight. 

Check out this beautiful song :

Influence Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish, Edge of Paradise, and many more.

DemUnillusions are Ayracsana (vocals), Thomas (vocals, guitars), and JK (drums).

Featuring – Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka, Artem Korablev (vocals), Andrey Stezhnikov (bass), and Grigory Sinyakov (vocals).



  • Music and lyrics by DemUnillusions & Artem Korablev.
  • Produced and recorded, all music, including drums, bass, and orchestrations by¬†DemUnillusions.
  • Mixed and mastered by Andrey Brodsky at Slaughtered Studio, Dmytro Gerasimov
  • Cover artwork and logotype design by DemUnillusions.
  • Vocal melodies by Artem Korablev

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