Desolation Angels : “King” CD February 23rd 2018 Dissonance Productions.

Desolation Angels : "King" CD February 23rd 2018 Dissonance Productions.

Desolation Angels : “King” CD February 23rd 2018 Dissonance Productions. UK Heavy Metal band. Formed decades ago back in early eighties. The band has established itself on one of the best NWOBHM scene and still is alive and kicking. While like many bands they had a big hole in the career , their music and passion is still driving them intensely to bring another awesome album. Worldwide fans who follow them since the beginning and the new ones will bow to that masterpiece.

A pretty simple yet powerful cover that brings a fresh air with the all time Heavy Metal spirit we have grown up with and cherished all along the way. Since 2012 the line up of Desolation Angels members are: Robin Brancher (guitar), Keith Sharp (guitar), Clive Pearson (bass), Chris Takka (drums) Paul Taylor (vocals). If you have the chance to see them live go ! it will be a pleasure for your ears as your eyes. The perfect band to capture the audience and mosh you down. A tour is coming this year so follow them.

Listening this album again and again I can’t get enough just perfect melodies and driving riffs with a voice that lift your soul from the ground. The lyrics are all about your own self fight due to this burning cover. ” Doomsday”, “Rotten to the Core” , “Hellfire”, My Demon Inside”… Nine songs of powerful feel that get you addicted from the first note to bring you into the happiness of Heavy Metal tunes. Produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides and Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis London, you got a precious album to make your life better!

Have a listen and you will get what it did to me, just pure beauty :

The album is also available on every digital platforms such as Itunes, Google, Amazon… but since you will all buy this brilliant CD which is much better to own. Influences ranging from Judas Priest, Saxon, Def Leppard, Survivor, Dare, Foreigner, Deep Purple, Whitesnake… Released back in 2016 but due to the death of the producer it is repressed by Dissonance Productions to give credits to this awesome album you should all have in your music collection. A masterpiece 100/100.


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