Duality : “Elements” CD 15th May 2020 Self Released.

Duality : "Elements" CD 15th May 2020 Self Released.
Duality : "Elements" CD 15th May 2020 Self Released.
Duality : “Elements” CD 15th May 2020 Self Released.

Duality : “Elements” CD 15th May 2020 Self Released. French Modern Metal band. 

France always have from time to time a band that emerges from the old scene, willing to modernise the music and stay up to date with its time. Five individuals decided to start a band mixing the modern tunes to give a special new band. As such it is hard to categorize them into one style such they have many influences from diverse genres.

They released their first album in 2016 with a theme around the human being. The feelings are expressed with different mood and musical genres. Since then they are following the digital life with singles and EPs . Their next album should be released in 2021, until then you have this brilliant five tracks mini album. 

Promoted by Ellie Promotion , the band gets heard and spread all over the planet. A voice with a dark wave sound, reminding Depeche Mode or even the modern Metallica. Some progressive vibe , growling parts you can get the image of those mix of several music styles just in one song. Straight powerful edge guitar riffs in the vein of Messugah, melodies and breaking down tuned passages. 

Fast blasting Death Metal short parts, they have everything to move the crowd as a strong surprise. A kind of spirit lifting at some point, imagine you are in a dream. You are going through different stages of life, violent memories to nice places you love to be for resting. A slight touch of NuMetal, but always this heavy fat sound to pound you to the ground. 

An explosion of senses, touching every person who like it distorted with feelings going here and there. Duality found a good recipe to capture the mind of many who likes it evolutive. You are into the world of ‘Elements theme to spread the human race life. 

Check this song :

We could set them into an Alternative rock box as they have many modern tunes to match what the new generation is after. A band that will gain the love of the new kids as the ones who love the new breed ‘s vibe. You can think of Architect, Textures, Fire From the Gods… if you are into this modern style you’ll get your own feel.

An explosion of senses, right into the modern music world that Metal has become. Follow them and buy their tunes, a good mini album to give you a nice piece to wait for the album to come. Each time a different cover , this time looking like a movie poster. Duality is the modern of Metal , dig it 98/100.




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