Hocculta : “Dreams For Sale” CD & Digital 29th September 2022 Underground Symphony.

Hocculta : "Dreams For Sale" CD & Digital 29th September 2022 Underground Symphony.
Hocculta : "Dreams For Sale" CD & Digital 29th September 2022 Underground Symphony.

Hocculta: “Dreams For Sale” CD & Digital 29th September 2022 Underground Symphony. Italian Heavy Metal band.

The end of the year and a surprise comes out. Who would think a band with early eighties fame released a new album?! While the band got separated away due to other projects and life, the new album is sounding like what should have come after Warning Games!  For sure the heavy sound as the mix has changed. The members also evolved and changed, but the eighties spirit is still here.

This is pretty good since the eighties are still here with the bands who never stopped. It’s with big pleasure I can hear this new masterpiece that if it comes decades later, smash like the past album. It is really amazing to hear the flame is burning! Of course, modern sound and creations are spilling through which is normal. The mix of Heavy and Thrash riffs melts perfectly, to blast your love for Hocculta!

You can read their interview in The Metal Mag, the pandemic as the evolution of life got them creative. This new album has many influences from all genres of music. It is well-conceived and flows like a glove in your ears. You will play it for days, bringing you back decades of great music. This is for sure one of the best albums to ring for the end of the year. It has it all, passion, power, and emotions it will speak to most of you.

Fueled by hit singles, this album is perfect. It shows how much those musicians have the will to compose songs that speak to us all. Very professional with hard work done that secured them a record deal. So beware more albums coming in the near future, get prepared!

Check out this song:

Influences Spread Eagle, Rush, Devilsbridge, Scorpions, Grim Reaper, Saxon, Desolation Angels, Megadeth, Reverance, Ripio, Motley Crue, Overkill, The Cult, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed, and many others.

They combine the groove and those heavy down deep tunes with love and explosion. Thirteen songs that flow to your heart and get your senses to spread the love with the music. It’s just taking you to the guts and helping you feel alive. 

The last song is sung in Italian and has that pop/rock touch that makes you love it simply! A masterpiece 100/100.

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