Hemesath : “SoSchön” CD 7th October 2022 Echozone.

Hemesath : "SoSchön" CD 7th October 2022 Echozone.
Hemesath : "SoSchön" CD 7th October 2022 Echozone.
Hemesath : "SoSchön" CD 7th October 2022 Echozone.
Hemesath : “SoSchön” CD 7th October 2022 Echozone. 

Hemesath : « So Schon » CD 7th October 2022 Echozone. German Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal / Indus band.

Germany is known for many music styles, they also know how to blend them to dive into the new generations. From electronic sounds to heavy guitar riffs and melodic voices. The band has released an album that will speak to everyone.

If I personally don’t understand the German language, the music speaks for itself. The painting artwork on the cover makes you think of so many things. It shows a path to enter into the realm of Hemesath and plunge into their universe.

The music expresses lots of emotions and feelings and piano parts among female voices. They even have a classical guitar, among melodic electric guitar solos. Slight keyboard passages send you into another world touching Pop music styles such as Pink Floyd.

I must say it is a band to look at, a special universe for sure. I’m pretty sure they are huge in their country. I don’t know how German bands who sing in their mother tongue language gather fans around the world.

Check it out:

Music wise it is for sure a good album that would deserve a worldwide explosion. Good musicians with well-written songs. Echozone is an interesting label that signs very interesting bands. 

Influences are among Destruction, Rammstein, Metallica, and Kamelot… the list is long due to the blend of music styles. Hemesath speaks to everyone who loves music. The new generation will elevate the band to the highest steps of stardom.

Nine songs go from emotion to emotion, catching your breath away with smooth passages to heavy ones. 

 The next explosion 100/100.

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