SOS : “A weird Mass Celebration”LP & CD 2020 KROMETAL WRECKORDZ.

SOS : "A weird Mass Celebration"LP & CD Self Released.
SOS : "A weird Mass Celebration"LP & CD Self Released.
SOS : “A weird Mass Celebration”LP & CD KROMETAL WRECKORDZ.

SOS : “A weird Mass Celebration”LP & CD 2020 KROMETAL WRECKORDZ. French Punk / Crossover / Thrash / Indus …Metal band.

In the universe of theatrical music world. You have bands with special ideas that turn an album with mixed from seventies to eighties tunes. All those mixed up with modern parts giving a very hard to pigeon all the music style.

I have,  and still hear special albums ; SOS is one of them. You can feel there is one man ‘s creations behind. I’ve been a guitarist singer and I can relate to what I hear on this album. A lot of image to set this universe out of time, getting you confused. Is it a French Band? an Italian one? a Japanese one… the confusion stays until you read few lines that tells a bit about the band.

Tons of 80’s influences with a modern touch, the mask aren’t new yet they bring another attractive style. Vocal melodies following the guitar ones, it gives songs you keep in mind for long. They manage to capture the secret of how a song should get attached quickly in your brain.

Check out this song:

No nothing to do with Yngwie Malmsteen, the singer likes to send his foot in the air.. They have set up a full line up outfit as the cover of the last album, RED and BLACK. Giving a mush secret approach for the new listeners and having their identity for all the fans.

Strictly Limited / Numbered Edition of 200 Bicolor copies with fully colored insert..Played . Arranged , Produced and mastered by:

Brett Caldas – Lima at Tower Studio : (Megadeth , Pain of Salvation , Devin  Townsend Project ,Septic Flesh , Haken, Xerath ect …)

Jon Phibbs at Orchestral Metal Studio 🙁 Moonspell , Amorphis , Dragonforce , Angra , Kreator , Hatesphere ect ..)

Nard Tibo at Convulsound  Studio : (Sick Of it all , Biohazard , Benighted , Misery Index , Valiant Torr , Varech, The Sevengates ect )

.. and Lastly : Christian Gonzalez as a remixer from  grosso gadgetto studio .

LP / CD Masterings : Ludovic Tournier at Vaccum tehiru studio : (Nehemah, Ad Hominem , Arkhon Infaustus , Himinborj , Forbidden Site, Vader , Gorod , Belphegor , Aborym ect)

All of them being linked with the vocalist / Executive producer and project coordinator …

It’s clear that the singer Jean Val gent, is obviously leading the boat and have tons of connection in the music. He got his vision and ideas for his band. The music is right into the modern Metal world, with influences coming from new waves, gothic 80’s bands from Heavy and Thrash with a slight Indus touch. There is no doubt SOS will make a trace in the music world.

Influences ranging from Satan Jokers, Mucky Pup, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, The Cure12 tracks with two being remixed at the end. You are jumping from one style to another, getting your brain mixed up with feelings and kick ass riffs. You must dig the lyrics and so the music to dive into SOS universe. Following the scales melodies, the vocal line as the music makes a perfect fit to smoothly get into your brain and become a fan.

A lot of participation for just one self released album; wish them to sell a lot and have a good futur.

So get your copy before it sells out 98/100.

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