Tempest Rising : “Alter Ego” Digital 16th August 2019 Firestarter Distribution.

Tempest Rising : "Alter Ego" CD & Digital 16th August 2019 Firestarter Distribution.
Tempest Rising : "Alter Ego" Digital 16th August 2019 Firestarter Distribution.
Tempest Rising : “Alter Ego” CD & Digital 16th August 2019 Firestarter Distribution..

Tempest Rising : “Alter Ego”CD & Digital 16th August 2019 Firestarter Distribution. Australian Modern Metal band.

Started back in 2012 the band earned its way to the scene, with loads of hard work and passion. Right into todays music evolution taken from the nineties up to now. Second album that took five years to be done. Several singles after the previous first album to get the fan base growing. We can say they have gained a strong confidence and skills to give us a powerful album.

An amazing cover artwork, this should be released as Lp, but you can get the CD fortunately. Strong message to understand from the artwork of the artist. Their creations are touching everyone in the Metal world, with elements from diverse music styles from Thrash, Hard Core , Nu Metal, Heavy Metal. They are mixing those with a good musician way , you may love one song more than another. Explosive and powerful compositions will attract new fans pretty quickly.

Very hard to pigeon all as they are taking many pieces together and blend them to make one. A kind of modern recipe with music. The most important is they are skills here and that what makes it a good album. Although it starts with a nice classical intro and moves slowly to the explosion of today’s kick ass Metal act. Vincent Trikeriotis  is an amazing singer and we can hear he has experiences into singing melodic voices. Actually those passages are my favorite as with the power riffs it could be a Power Metal band, but they haven’t chosen that path. 

When singing with distorted vocals, you can hear he is retaining to not damage his voice. Lots of people love this today so it is with no doubt the Metal Heads will mosh to the album in a second. The band has a solid line up that has all very strong talent, from solos to drumming you can enjoy the versatile playing those musicians have acquired. 

Check out this song of one the best one this album :

All you need to have a good time and moshing pleasure. Playing live intensely across the country and abroad, Temper Rising became in few years a live monster act. You will soon be blown away by this ten songs album. Available on every digital platform, a must have if you love explosive and powerful yet melodic tunes. Influences ranging from Pissing Razors, Five Finger Death Punch, Forbidden, Killswitch Engage, Soulfly, Slipknot, Exploited, Weapons of Anew…

Get that album now on CD to support the band 99/100.

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