Purest Of Pain : “Solipsis” CD 1st March 2018 Sick Records.

Purest Of Pain : "Solipsis" CD 1st March 2018 Sick Records.
Purest Of Pain : "Solipsis" CD 1st March 2018 Sick Records.
Purest Of Pain : “Solipsis” CD 1st March 2018 Sick Records.

Purest Of Pain : “Solipsis” CD 1st March 2018 Sick Records. Netherlands modern Death / Black Metal band. I bought this CD because Merel Bechtold is playing in it. She gently signed it as another member of the band. I don’t know why but I was expecting some much more soling type of thing.

I got really disappointed as it is more into the extreme Metal type of today’s music. The cover artwork is great and like Sauron (LOTR) ask you to come and listen. The artwork is great and the idea to have the musicians names and what normally is at the end of a booklet, inside the transparent CD box behind the back cover!

Photo of the band in the middle and all the lyrics on the other pages. While the music is not original and somehow boring as it is the same line through out the album. Apart from few cool parts, if you dig the music and the lyrics then it is a great album.

Fourteen tracks with technology sounds the same to me and have no life. Few solos and clean parts, most of the time it is blasting on the drums and harsh vocals even getting longer with no music at the end of a song.. I really regret these new technology that wipes the artist work.

Having a seven strings guitar just brings back to tricky jazzy sound with chords using notes that are mostly used as out of the box note. Bringing special sounds and even out of time riffs Reggae style used and is now common in extreme Metal since the nineties.

So don’t expect much guitar shred they aren’t , just little solo here and there. A voice that stays on the same line with those heavy sharky sounds Black Metal uses a lot. Basically you will love it if you are familiar with bands such as Messugha, Genus Ordis Dei, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir

Have a taste :

“Vessel” third track on this album which is my favorite. The album finishes with a song called “The end”. An interesting concept by Purest Of Pain with many messages but musically miss originality to me. I recommend to the extreme Metal maniacs 95/100.

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