Retched : “The Overlord Messiah” LP & CD 2017 Alone Records.

Retched : "The Overlord Messiah" LP & CD 2017 Alone Records.
Retched : "The Overlord Messiah" LP & CD 2017 Alone Records.
Retched : “The Overlord Messiah” LP & CD 2017 Alone Records.

Retched : “The Overlord Messiah” LP & CD 2017 Alone Records. USA Thrash Metal band.

In a world where Metal bands had great time in the eighties, some never had the chance to come out from the crowd. Most of the time small labels get a never released demo or album from and eighties Metal bands that was left into a draw. Sometimes it gives credits to that band, sometimes it helps the band getting back on track. For all the people and fans who have memories from those bands, they saw live or own a tape. It is time to get on hold of their great piece of art. In the case of Retched, it is the will and passion that motivated the guitarist David Derminasian to release on his own the great album he made with his band that never got released.

An album released in 1988! When Thrash Metal was changing into Death Metal, few bands were still Thrashing the scene with the old great sound that made the scene explode in early eighties. The band disbanded just after the recording getting the album in hiatus . Unfortunately many bands followed the same path due to many reasons , from the business stealing bands, ego troubles inside the band… many reason made that some awesome albums never saw the light of day.

In 2017 David found a label willing to release this masterpiece he himself released from the ashes of a very well mastered tape. The album has been printed in LP for a 500 copies hand numbered items and CDs as patches to gather the fans. It sold out pretty quickly and the album has been repressed and is now gaining much listeners as being available on digital platforms!

I let you dive into one excellent track :

Retched scored lots of interviews and is now back on top of the shape it used to be. You can find an interview in The Metal Mag and buy your own copies. David is now dealing with all the press and is now going to keep the band and its music living the real Metal life, we should see a new album coming in the next year. Six brilliant tracks that stick to your mind such they are well done. You can hear lots of interviews on the net , as the craziness to spread his music and message is as strong as love. Can you imagine the pleasure to have your own album released after so many years, when it has been buried in the past?! 

It is so normal that David is gaining so much interest from every people who have heard this brilliant album. Great artwork, a leaflet with the lyrics and credits to all the members who have made this masterpiece. A collectible item to own! Retched deserves an exposed life in the Metal world so get your copy now! Buy the physical copy or digital from the digital platform. A must have 100/100.


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