Robyn Ferguson : “Falling Forward” Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media.

Robyn Ferguson : "Falling Forward" Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media.
Robyn Ferguson : "Falling Forward" Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media.
Robyn Ferguson : "Falling Forward" Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media.
Robyn Ferguson : “Falling Forward” Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media.

Robyn Ferguson: “Falling Forward” Digital 1st May 2020 Devographic Music Media. South Africa rocking Shredder. 

Adorned in Ash‘s Thrash / Black Metal singer-guitarist, who released an album in December 2019. Is now back with a second solo shredding album. A passionate and creative individual, she never stops and this is for our pleasure! Amazing and talented musician Robyn is bringing another piece of powerful tunes to take you away from this desperate life. 

Back in the seventies, I started to spread the love of women playing guitar. Today they are plenty who are amazingly talented and create such brilliant art. Robyn is one of them, we do not usually have extreme Metal musicians having their own solo album. Music is such a powerful tool for expression! Guitars have become an extension of the human being since decades to express feelings. 

Technology has evolved and the sound as the instrument with it. Endorsed by Ibanez the most used trademark in the shredding world, Robyn has found her way to express her emotions with this instrument that is perfect for it. She has jumped the stairs so fast such as Nita Strauss, that it gives hope to today’s female players who want to go that path. The Thrash influence is here but the shredding style sends you into emotion to gravitate around you.

You are into a bubble, in the clouds, immersed into Robyn’s feelings. A beautiful feeling making you straight away in love with this woman. Following the previous album, she has now pursued into a much deeper touch. This six tracks album will absorb you until the inner self, taking over your life and you will plunge into the pleasure of melodies and power it delivers. Completely out of her extreme Metal band, Robyn shows how talented she is, creative, and inspired to give us the best a guitarist can give. 

Sure the world of shredders is now a complete one, yet it is easy to fall into the abyss of senses and love what this instrument gives. I am in love, such beauty bringing me to the wish to play again my guitar. It is not easy to compose and express such things with an instrument. Robyn is not just playing her guitar, she also writes a complete universe, fully artist she also plays the drums and creates a whole band on her own. An album that deserves a lot of recognition. 

Check out this song first of the album :

As a guitarist and music lover , I’m on my knees. Such easiness and great tunes, I can’t stop listening to this album. This is pure pleasure! I wish I could own this as a CD or even LP. An amazing cover artwork to swallow you visually before your heart shreds into the abyss of the strongest pleasure you can get. Music! my blood , and when I hear such a masterpiece I feel like I’m not worthy. Such dedication and hard work to write such masterpiece are amazing. 

Influences and vibes : Joe Satriani, Nita Strauss, Nikki Stringfield, Sophie Lloyd, NiIih Brosh…A must have for all music lovers. No doubt Robyn got awards, she is an amazing artist. A masterpiece written in music history for life 100/100.

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