Beneath My Sins : “I Decide” CD & Digital 20th march 2020 Pride & Joy Music.

Beneath My Sins : "I Decide" CD & Digital 20th march 2020 Pride & Joy Music.
Beneath My Sins : "I Decide" CD & Digital 20th march 2020 Pride & Joy Music.
Beneath My Sins : “I Decide” CD & Digital 20th march 2020 Pride & Joy Music.

Beneath My Sins : “I Decide” CD & Digital 20th March 2020 Pride & Joy Music. French Symphonic Metal band.

Written by Eddie Sinner 

French symphonic metal on the rise and this band, facing terrible obstacles like the entire music world with canceled tours and gigs, but still manage to keep their head up high and refuses to decay under the horrible situation that the entire planet is being tested for at the moment.

This band is not afraid of anything, let me tell you that.

Still fighting on from a country that don’t give a damn about this sub-genre or metal in general.

Surrounded by great friends and bands that are also being tested for survival.

Members from Temperance, Eluveitie, Serenity, Elvenkings, Ad Infinitum, Visions of Atlantis, 6:33 appears with their gifted talents and instruments to share their magic on this amazing release that many people have anticipated.

I’ve listened to the album for some hours and I’m trying to distance myself as an objective listener and trying to find any critical to say about this album, but I can’t.

The band continues to proceed where they left off from with”Valkyries of the modern times”, released 2017, but they have matured since then of course. Emma told me that she won’t sing that much in that typical “high operatic register” as heard on the debut album and she don’t either and is that good or not?

For me, being a non-fan of the “operatic-inner eardrum destroying technic”, this is something that I welcome very much.

What is more, brought forth a little bit more on this album is the “growling” vocals from different guest stars. First of all…..don’t give me any hate campaign on this, this is just my opinion but I think it is already a “too used and such a cliche input to use” as almost every single symphonic metal band are welcome’ing it on their albums and I don’t get it.

Trying something different? Well…you are not trying something new, as everybody does it…..

The good part of the growling inputs is, that it is only presented at a minimum and that is great.

The focus is of course on the magic voice of one amazing artist and persona Emma and the music that is being delivered, so that any french Fromage maker would smile and dance INSIDE his factory!

Songs that I would love to bring forth that makes a difference, are the singles “Your Muse, Try, What you Feel, Unpredictable” and the title song “I decide”

“I decide” for me sounds like a song for itself, it has a special “I AM THE TITEL TRACK OF THIS RELEASE” feeling over it. A little Delain groove over it.

The bohemian live anthems are without a doubt “Your Muse, What You Feel” and “Unpredictable”.

“What you feel” is a great happy, skippy “The Dark Element”-ish tune with that amazing cute double bass drum chorus, that I’m sure will fall into the hearts of any symphonic metal fan.

“Unpredictable” is the typical Irish folk music flirt and tribute to the amazing genre that Beneath My Sins are not afraid to flirt with on many occasions.

The production on this release is amazing, a notch rawer and with a little more Dobermann bite, still crispy but with attitude.

As I said before, this is a continuance from the debut release, just that the Beneath My Sins baby has now reached over the teenager age and is now getting “adult” with pride and upper chin; O)

Proud, standing tall, ready to conquer the world whenever the virus is dead and gone!

If you are a fan of amazing, unknown, underrated, superior, excellent symphonic metal in the vein of Epica, The Dark Element, Nightwish, Delain, then this release is your new wet dream!

Promoter, fan, addicted BMS infected bloodtype Francais-du-magnifique metal-pour toujours!

Listen up:


Emma Elvaston: Vocals

Clement Botz: Guitars

Leonardo Drago: Drums

Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) : Producer, bass, background, lead vocals on “I decide”.

(Studio session bassist)

Mastering : Mika Jussila – Mastering of the Universe (Amberian Dawn, Angra, Avantasia, Children of Bodom, Stratovarius etc) over 10000 hardrock and metal acts


Additional guest stars:

Florent charlet (6:33): Add.vocals on “Temptation”.

Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum): Growls on “I try”.

Fabien Lethien Polo (Elvenking): Violin on “Unpredictable”.

Michele Guaitoli (Temperance & Visions of Atlantis): Vocals on “What you feel”.

Matteo Sisti (Eluveitie): Flute and whistle on “Unpredictable”.

Niklas Müller (Ad Infinitum): Growls on “Your Muse”.

Song list:

1. Crossroad

2. I Decide

3. Try

4. Your Muse

5. My Guardian Angel

6. What You Feel

7. Temptation

8. Despicable

9. Kick Me Out

10. Unpredictable

11. Here With You

Total running time: 47:00

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