So what's happening for The Metal Mag N°24?

So what’s happening for The Metal Mag N°24?
You might think , “but what’s happening? he is in vacation?” well I keep being busy and believe me it’s not easy with holidays…
What you will see and read in the next issue end of August :

#1 Hexed (Svenska / English )

#2 Stone Mob

#3 Rik Fox & Jim Crean

#4 Genus Ordinis Dei

#5 Alison Masson :

– Johnny Gieoli

#6 Metal Babe Mayhem

#7 Franco Giovannini :

– Beneath The Fallen (Italiano / English)

#8 No Return (Français / English)

#9 Jenna williams :

– Jason Charles Miller

#10 Satan Jokers – Renaud Hantson (Français / English)

#11 Weapon Uk

#12 The End of Melancholy

#13 Java

The only magazine that shares many languages into one issue!
so hurry up if you wanna join us, as always calling all sponsors and people wishing to have an ad inside get in touch to support bands and help me print.
Also if you wanna collect the mags pdf until the 31th august buy three copies of the mag and get the fourth one free!!!
Go straight to the shop link, I’m keeping updating the mags as much as I can due to print prices.
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Have a nice day my beloved metalheads and don’t forget if you want to be part of it just ring the bell 🙂

About TheeEditor
The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world. A magazine is readable for free with live video interviews and link to partners.

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