Arapacis : “Déjà Doom” CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Blackouse Records in the USA.

Arapacis : Déjà Doom" CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Blackouse Records.
Arapacis : Déjà Doom" CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Blackouse Records.
Arapacis : Déjà Doom" CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Self Released.
Arapacis : Déjà Doom” CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Blackouse Records.

Arapacis : “Déjà Doom” CD 1 Digital 2017-2018 Blackouse Records. Quebec Metal band. Jerry Fielden and his wife Shelle Macpherson are back with an album once again with out of time creativity. For those who don’t know them yet, they are from a country where French and English languages are commonly used. Hence the album with a French title “Déjà Doom” meaning Already Doom.

This album is a mix of four tracks re-worked with a Doomy atmosphere and feel. Yet once again they are mixing Metal styles with melodic voices as shredded ones. Cool guitar parts and riffs remembering sometimes the earliest Death Metal bands such as Morgoth, sometimes reminding Black Sabbath down tuned heavy riffs. For those into Doom Metal style you will get many influences from Candelmass etc…

The melodic voice from Shelle brings back to those new melodic bands in the same vein that is this music style such as The Oath , now Lucifer are the bands who are getting inspired by those seventies tunes. You might even think of Pink Floyd for a moment.

The Drummer is Mathieu Roy and rocks it all, Jerry playing solos that are not the big ones of todays bands but still gives a cool touch to the whole songs. You probably wonder how this can be an album with only four songs? Well the length of those are giving you a 32 minutes of joy and happiness for your ears!

“The Green Fairy” has a bit of tunes like Within Temptation feel with the melodies parts yet those bands are just influences that pop into my mind while listening this enchanting four piece album. This is really tripping as some would say. The last song “End of  the Line” is the longest one that last twelve minutes.  But you won’t realise such it flows nicely into your ears and sent you into a peace world.

A little taste :

Arapacis has its own world and it feels good, believe me when you press play the band will take you to another horizon. Their variations will help anyone to dig their music and get lots of Metalheads fans. So hurry up to their site and listen up then buy the album 99/100.

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