Stone Mob : “self titled” CD 2017 .

Stone Mob : "self titled" CD 2017 .
Stone Mob : "self titled" CD 2017 .
Stone Mob : "self titled" CD 2017 .
Stone Mob : “self titled” CD 2017 .

Stone Mob : “self titled” CD 2017 . USA Hard Rock band . Four individuals with high qualities decided to unite to kick the music scene. When you think the music has took a strange pathway those last two decades , well here  is a band for you to get back to the good tunes that probably shook your butty as a child. Virginia ‘s life needed a storm and this is what happened when early this year the Stone Mob brought that wind right in your face. For sure they are shaking the state with their funny , funky, rocking style that will get the devil dancing on bar tables. The cover is somehow representing the USA pretty well and the album will blast the world on fire.

While this is a young band , the musicians have lots of experience and you can forget all the things you have heard so far. Bringing you attitude and cool yet real lyrics that makes the visual experience unforgettable, perfect riffs and stunning compositions your ears will bleed of pleasure. Back then band like “Twisted Sister ” was the main one to make funny videos and today band like ” Steel Panther ” is just playing on the image of Glam and Hard Rock with stupid lyrics.

Now we have “Stone Mob” a real talented band with an amazing guitarist  Blaine “Shred Master General” Kaltman  who believes his virtuosity comes from “recognizing the maximum potential of your DNA and then exploiting it“. Well those are his words but he certainly has worked a lot of technics and practiced like mad to get this genius mind that brings back some memories to when a guy called Eddie Van Halen shook the earth! Check this video to hear his ability to kick your ass with a brilliant intro :

As talented as he is with his instrument , he also has many technics you can hear from Georges Lynch to Steve Vai,  yet the Eddie style is the most alive in his way of playing his guitar. He has written books , working in the cinema and music . That guy has all the skills to make him one of the few to stand out from the crowd. You can check his little videos teaching his technics so you might also become one day an awesome player..but beware not many have reached the high standard of Ed!

On the mic you have Doug “Earthdog” Masterson who is well known in the music scene for having played and sung in many bands such as “Full Throttle”, he also designed and built the set for the “Murder Town” video and created some effects. His voice sometimes reminds me David Lee Roth on the song “Natalia” and know how to rock.

The drummer Andy Hamburger with a twenty year career in the music playing many styles from funk to jazz to rock… well every music style. Is recognized as a huge musician with skills that can play everything with talent , you can hear on albums he has recorded with different artists such as : Side FX, the Junkyard Saints, the Natty Beaux, Op-Critical, the Mary Ann Redmond Band… to name a few.

On bass Eric Scott who is bringing a special touch to this band with his experience of live gigs and studio recording skills. He has several albums on his own so he makes the perfect fit to set a stone to this mighty band to rock the world. When watching the videos I can think of the movie “Tenacious D”, lots of fun with talented musicians and lots of skills and knowledge both in the music world as the movie one. They have all it takes to kick the world bad so get this album now on their website by clicking on the bands name ! Just love it 100/100.

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