Strike Master : “Strike Master” CD & Digital Self Released.

Strike Master : "Strike Master" CD & Digital 2017 Self Released.
Strike Master : "Strike Master" CD & Digital Self Released.
Strike Master : “Strike Master” CD & Digital 2017 Self Released.

Strike Master : “Strike Master” CD & Digital 2017 Self Released. Mexico Thrash metal band. Started back in 2005, the trio band released several demos and albums at least every years making their catalogue already full for a young band of that age. While other bands usually try to get one album done and many haven’t done so many in a decade…

Strike Master a composition machine who has lots of things to say and want to make sure you don’t forget them. I must say I am impressed by their will to kick and make them heard worldwide. It is pretty amazing to see an underground band who have played live in the world!!!

Without any label they are deserving lots of respect. They have shared the stage with top bands at many festivals such as the Keep It True in Germany to name a few. Being on the stage with Overkill, Exodus, Exciter, Omen, King Diamond… They have played with them all we dream of to play with!!!

This band has realised so much for an underground band , their name should be scared on every Metal Heads jackets and mind. While their last album was only a year younger , they manage to keep their compositions changing and mixing many riffs and ideas as much as possible making their own style. Yet this is the only album without a title but the band’s name and sharky logo.

a little taste :

Ten tracks with power , melody and anger reminding many who wrote the roots of this music style. Influences are ranging from Kreator, Holy Moses, Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Ratos de Parao, Voivod, DRI…Heavy , groovy they are giving credits to those bands who made Thrash Metal, what it became from the eighties to the nineties. A brillant heavy intro and songs that keep you entertained and captivated by those great riffs.

A must have for any Thrash Metal maniacs 100/100.

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