The Metal Mag nº17

The Metal Mag new issue 17 out end of May featuring :
Aittala  – Veil Of Delusions –  1349 (Official) –  Trym Torson – Simon Wright – Assassin’s Blade – Mike LePond – THE LUST-  Dissector-  Sherry Lenox-  –  SpiteFuel. David Softee Kletzel interview Persefone – Jimi Anderson – Evil Killer.(espanol!) – WRETCH Pure Steel Records. – Bludy Gyres – Crimson Caliber – Holly Jane Towers – Heather Williams interviews, Teri Stahl always bringing her ‘drummer rock interviews’ so stay tuned and get in touch for interviews, adverts, partnership…
cover artwork by Marie la Chipie
let’s get rocked!
The Metal Mag

About TheeEditor
The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world. A magazine is readable for free with live video interviews and link to partners.

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