Altered State : “Self Titled” LP 27th September 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Altered State : "Self Titled" LP 27th September 2019 Pure Steel Records.
Altered State : "Self Titled" LP 27th September 2019 Pure Steel Records.
Altered State : “Self Titled” LP 27th September 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Altered State : “Self Titled” LP 27th September 2019 Pure Steel Records. USA Thrash Metal band.

The eighties sound will never die! The German label addicted to those years as much as we are, decided to release those amazing demos that once been pressed on CDs in 1990, is now released again but in the shape of a vinyl! For the fans of this brilliant media that will never have a better replacement, it is now available for the pleasure of collectors and such.

This is power at its best! A brilliant sound for a demo that has decades of great tunes. It’s a shame a band with such amazing songs and sound didn’t go further. The kind of band that went into the shadows when others were growing up. The nineties changed the music forever and Altered State is like among those great formations that got repressed or pressed for the first time by several labels. 

The legendary Heaven and Hell Records label , that always find the treasures of the music history ; get those albums credits for the amazing music Metal bands have created. This time Pure Steel Records touching you right where it stings. A masterpiece of heavy riffs and high pitch vocals , feeling up your blood with pleasure and your ears bleeding for more. This time a European label is releasing a pure masterpiece and it’s on LP!

A cover artwork that lets you speechless, thinking it might bring some seventish tunes. A strong logo that kicks right in the eyes. A music that leaves you into a memorable moment for the rest of your life. You will play this masterpiece many times and wish this band was still alive setting the stages on fire. An amazing album to own in your collection! Altered State won’t let you untouched. Led by amazing singer Norman R Kiersznowski Jr , who also sings in Deadly blessing , Faith factor , Metalgodz …

This is pure madness with pure Heavy Metal tunes that rips them all.

Ten songs that brings you back in the eighties when Thrash Metal was at its best , sadly gotten thrown in the trash in the eighties. The business didn’t give credits to those brilliant bands that deserved to keep the scene alive. We fans are never gonna forget this, music never die. Knowing what the bands today accomplish with the new technology and sounds, the great musicians managed to give us and produce some serious music that kills the idea it is better today.

The compositions and creations, were already set by those bands who got the power that helps the bands of today.  Forcing themselves to bring good materials among the others who don’t bring nothing. Altered State hasn’t been going on , nor even reformed. You will find lots of bands with that name but none of them arrive at the stage of this perfect music. It thrashes you like a hurricane.

Influences ranging from the greatest such as : Anthrax, Toxik, Wrath, Lethal, Flotsam & Jetsam, Sanctuary... You need this pearl that is so hard to find. Even though this is hard to state at this time but to credit the band’s astonish work, I give them the favorite score 100/100.

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