Stormburner : “Shadow Rising” CD & LP 6th December 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Stormburner : "Shadow Rising" CD & LP 6th December 2019 Pure Steel Records.
Stormburner : "Shadow Rising" CD & LP 6th December 2019 Pure Steel Records.
Stormburner : “Shadow Rising” CD & LP 6th December 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Stormburner : “Shadow Rising” CD & LP 6th December 2019 Pure Steel Records. Swedish Heavy Metal band.

Sweden is a country full of amazing musicians. They have reinvented Heavy Metal and release excellent albums. You won’t be surprised to hear the singer of this amazing band is just Mike Star! The ex- Singer of a great band called Starblind , he has moved on to other projects and now is gaining much powerful vocals. I must say I haven’t recognized him first as his voice is higher than he usually sung in the past. That was already something and I gave great credits to his previous band.

Mike is back with a stronger yet amazing piece of Heavy Metal explosion, keeping the flame of this amazing style we all cherish in our heart. Sweden is the new place for Heavy Metal burning sensations. They have high potential that gets every of their bands on top of the world best bands. What is the best than bringing a new band that got the guts and power to deliver the best songs a Metal band can bring. For sure rare are those who can compete with those legends , who made the best album we will all worship forever.

Stormburner with Mike on the vocals is the next sensation! Epic Heavy Metal with warrior vikings lyrics , a stunning cover artwork that blows your eyes with love. You can read Mark’s interview in The Metal Mag. I must say it is the best present you can get for your Xmas! Before passing onto another year, we have strong and excellent musicians who keep the real roots of Heavy Metal alive. 

This album is a pure pleasure for you ears and will be cited for many decades as one of the best Heavy Metal album to have kicked the world, joining the ranks of Manowars “King of Metal” in 1988. But this is not just it, the receipt of high pitch vocals and melodies will hit you hard in your heart. Every Metal Head will jump and worship Stormburner. I just wish the band makes a long life in the Heavy Metal world.

They have written hyms and hits that are getting right into your chest, the strong feeling of the lyrics with the music played right and well. Enjoy this song, sixth track on the album :

If like me you have been conquered, I advise you to buy this piece of art when it comes out. Ten songs of warrior melodies and heaviness , a monster that makes Heavy Metal one of the biggest music ever created. The last song “Ode to War” is in the vein of  The Three Tremors , except mike is the only singer ! So you have powerful vocal lines, pounding riffs, and fighter lyrics. Like a book of the legends speaking of an ancient time where human were stronger than today.

A tale that gives credit to those who battled to death for their country , an explosion of senses getting straight into your veins.  Stormburner is blasting the world with power and leaves a trace in Heavy Metal history. Influences ranging from Manowar, The Three Tremors, Judas Priest, Sanctuary, RAM… A masterpiece you will yearn to own and be proud to collect 100/100.

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