Ardityon : “Self Titled” CD 5th August 2019 Independent.

Ardityon : "Self Titled" CD 5th August 2019 Independent.
Ardityon : "Self Titled" CD 5th August 2019 Independent.
Ardityon : “Self Titled” CD 5th August 2019 Independent.

Ardityon : “Self Titled” CD 5th August 2019 Independent. Italy Heavy Metal band.

Ardityon is only one year old and yet it brings perfection in the Heavy Metal world. Everything this style is about. Excellent singer with melodies reminding some of the greatest! A powerful cover artwork that attracts your eyes in a fraction of a second. Inspired by all the eighties legends, they bring us a brilliant album you love straight away.

Starting with a nice intro and a theme around the first worldwide war , with anthems to the music we all cherish, it brings something with strength. Always on the edge of amazing tunes that brings back memory to the best albums ever made. Killing guitars solos, pounding drums is energy to the maximum. Amazing production for a band that starts its career. These guys are skilled, it just takes you to the heart.

The Italian scene has talented musicians , Ardityon shows again the quality of those bands. The horses are ready, it is running at heavy speed. You are embarked into a war that gives you pleasure and send you amazing images related to movies from super heroes. Booklet with photos and lyrics, you have it all to spend a good time enjoying the high power energy band. It is mouth breaking! You will set this band on top of the charts.

Playing again and again, Ardityon deserves its place on top of the shelves of the best artists.

Get a hint and fall in love :

Influences from W.A.S.P, Slaugther, Skid Row, Iced Earth, Manowar, Accept, Bonfire...I’m blown away by such a perfection.

Then songs to head bang to,  “Our Music” is the hymn of Heavy Metal maniacs. “Ancient Enemy” with choral singing to empower the song. “Zombie Apocalypse” , “Glory Day”… Each one is a machine that drives the ship of this formation. This is a masterpiece ! Explosions, enjoyments, love, it just drives you crazy as a fan you will be. One of the best albums I have heard in ages. In the conclusion buy this album and get this band what it deserves : the highest place of stardom 100/100.

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