Anvil : “Legal At Last” Digipack CD & LP 14th February 2020 AFM Records.

Anvil : "Legal At Last" Digipack CD & LP 14th February 2020 AFM Records.
Anvil : "Legal At Last" Digipack CD & LP 14th February 2020 AFM Records.
Anvil : “Legal At Last” Digipack CD & LP 14th February 2020 AFM Records.

Anvil : “Legal At Last” Digipack CD & LP 14th February 2020 AFM Records. Canada Heavy Metal band.

They are back! after many albums and a strong career, they bring another great masterpiece to the world proving they have their place. Their hard work pays off and I’m glad as I know them from the beginning like many of my generation. A funny cover artwork that goes right with the lyrics. 

Punchy and rocking tunes, this album doesn’t stop to kick your butt. Two years after the last album, they bring us some powerful tunes to dance to. The band that almost made an album every year since it has started, has many things to say and has been playing moshing tunes since the start. With all ups and down, the mighty combo is stronger than ever and will blast the world once again with this brilliant album.

The first track “Legal at Last” the album title, has a Motorhead style and it kind of gives credit to the man Lemmy. While Anvil was one of the first band in the scene, they are using riffs that reminds lots of bands of this era. The sound is really great and the songs are awesome. Might be one of the best album to start the new year. I am surprised by the quality and creativity Lips has and of course the pounding drums from Robb makes it flowing like a glove. You will all love it from the first note. I have been blasting it in my ears for few days and I can’t get enough of it.

They deserve lots of respect for all those years they have battled for to get this band still on top. It’s a shame young bands don’t fight like this. So while some eighties bands are coming back, Anvil is still here! I have the feelings the nineties didn’t exist and it feels good to have those great bands that marked what Metal is about. 

It is also a great thing to listen to this new album , digging the lyrics as the music flowing into your mind like flying in the sky. In this the cover artwork is spreading the music feel pretty well! A must have for any Metal fans.

Check out this great cartoon video, another testimony of reality :

Neither less to say, it is a very well written and composed album. If sometimes it reminds some Diamond Head, Twisted Sister , Black Sabbath passages. It is a strong Anvil album to blow the world. A real Heavy Metal band spilling out the love of music since they started and no matter who joins the line up, the two friends are brilliant musicians! A bomb to explode and what is awesome they have a brand new tour coming up for Europe!

Anvil 2020 tour
Anvil 2020 tour

Twelve tracks with a bonus, blasting good vibe and explosive compositions. “I’m Alive” , ” Talking To The Wall” , “Gasoline”… all tracks are excellent. You can play and sing along, it is an explosion of pleasure!

Canada can be proud to have such a band that got a scene growing over the decades. Hails Anvil!!! A masterpiece to get as soon as you can 100/100.

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