Dust in mind : “Oblivion” Digipack CD & digital April 2017 Dark Tunes Music group.

Dust in mind : "Oblivion" Digipack CD & digital April 2017 Dark Tunes Music group.
Dust in mind : “Oblivion” Digipack CD & digital April 2017 Dark Tunes Music group.

Dust in mind : “Oblivion” Digipack CD & digital April 2017 Dark Tunes Music group. Modern French Metal band. I have this album for a while and got it signed by two members so I thought it would be good to review it. Their promotion been really good as I discovered this album on Utube and Facebook at the same time and felt in love with the song “I’m different” the fourth song on the album. Then I watched the other videos “Get out” first song on the album , “Spreading the disease” second song on the album and went to buy the actual Digipack CD.

What made me love this band is first Jennifer’s melodic voice and the exploding power distortion of Damien’s voice and the kick ass tunes. This is one of the band that has all to bring them on top chart of new Metal bands. While I love the videos I was surprised to listen to the cd with a Techno sample intro that sets bands into Industrial style. Thankfully it disappears with the song. Using keyboards to get a vibe that bring this particularity sound is used nowadays and gets the Metal world another box… Getting back to the music, mixing the lovely melodic voice with the crushing distortion and growling voice makes it different from most bands.

So while some might take the easy turn and give them the sticker : ” Amaranthe meets Machine Head” is far from the truth although it has similarities. I prefer a better description “Heavy Metal meets Thrash Metal ” that is closer to their awesome songs. Actually the first album was more Death Metal oriented with still this Industrial edge that some people like and so that ‘s how they are gaining many fans in the Metal world. They are moving and evolving , the new album might be another change in their composition path. They are not set into one blend of style but it’s sure they are a promising new band to kick hard the scene.

The album has ten songs with moods and lyrics that speaks to the masses and shout out what’s wrong in this society so many will see themselves or relatives in the songs which make it stronger and passionate to love. The band’s influences Pain , Korn , Lacuna Coil which are pretty straight to determine their likes but listening to it they have more influenced that spills into the bands that have created an explosion in the music since the 90’s .

Take a look at this video and get addicted you will feel the power :

I can’t describe every songs as I leave you the pleasure to read the lyrics when you have bought the CD directly from their website (click the band’s name), but one song has a particular place here and is not written a lot, that song is called “Mrs Epilepsy’ touching many people and is very strong to have taken this important life issue  some are suffering from so get that album and follow this awesome band that kicks serious ass and brings another breath in the scene 100/100.


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