Freakstorm : “From Zero” CD 18th October 2019 Self Produced.

Freakstorm : "From Zero" CD 18th October 2019 Self Produced.
Freakstorm : "From Zero" CD 18th October 2019 Self Produced.
Freakstorm : “From Zero” CD 18th October 2019 Self Produced.

Freakstorm : “From Zero” CD 18th October 2019 Self Produced. German Hard Rock band.

When fans who appears to be also amazing musicians , create their own tunes. You can expect stunning tunes. It is with pleasure I discovered this band that keeps turning in my head since the first time I heard it. They are blowing the world with those catchy rocking tunes. A vocalist Sinah Meier  who has that soft melodic voice , bewitching your soul like a siren’s call .

You are falling in love straight away. A drummer Oli Fuchs who hits hard but with intelligence, knows exactly how to play each parts to get a song pounding and melting. Marc Bremer on bass,  Dirk Weidmann and Toby Wendeler on guitars. A strong team of amazing musicians bringing us a bomb to explode in the music world.

Started few years ago to play their favorite tunes, they evolved as a band with amazing compositions. Each songs are hit singles followed by videos. A complete explosion of pleasure visually and musically. Freakstorm is the new sensation to hit hard the world. Sending you back to the eighties greatness. They know how to write songs that send love and happiness with strong lyrics and punchy riffs.

A cover art that won’t leave you untouched, a wedding dress burning. A strong band logo , for sure they hit the sight as your heart. Check out this powerful song :

You will hear many influences from Vixen, Scorpions, Halestorm, Saray, FM, Survivor, Bon Jovi… the list goes on, they are spreading good tunes that help you enjoying life. Six songs to kick your day and spend amazing time no matter what life brings. You will play this album for long, it is so good back in the days they would score the billboards tables. Would be airing on Mtv and any radio shows. 

Today we have utube to help everyone enjoying those videos. So spread them and become a Freakstorm fan! I can’t wait to see this band playing live shows on big stadiums spreading their passion and love and become a worldwide favorite band. 

This is a masterpiece and you must own it in your collection 100/100!

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