Wildfire : “Been There” Digipack CD 2019 Self Released.

Wildfire : "Been There" Digipack CD 2019 Self Released.
Wildfire : "Been There" Digipack CD 2019 Self Released.
Wildfire : "Been There" Digipack CD 2019 Self Released.
Wildfire : “Been There” Digipack CD 2019 Self Released.

Wildfire : “Been There” Digipack CD 2019 Self Released. USA Pop / Country / Rock band.

For twenty years we have seen lots of teenage bands or young musicians emerging on the music scene. This time they are sisters united to sing lovely songs with heart and melodies. Their songs can be for teens as for adults, they are living a great life and enjoying their growth by spreading good vibes worldwide. The third album in a few years, they have started young and are ready to stay for a while. Learnt vocal lines with Pamela Moore, have won few awards and are already on top in their early age. 

Alive on social media as having a few videos; they also have video blogs that the young generation is up to. For sure they are at the right time with the new technology that brings fame quickly. If the album is self-produced, they a strong team behind to made it a very professional one. Great photos, such as top models, they sing play guitar and seem to be quite good in many craft. Whatever your background listening to those young girls gets to your blood, you wanna dance and feel good. If there is the happiness it’s surely those two sisters. Wildfire is an explosion of your senses, they know the secret of happiness and love.

They are part of this new modern Country music that has a taint ofPopandRock, getting us all connected to one thing. Music the most important to spread love and pleasure for the ears. They have inspiration and passion, and love for the music. You don’t need medicine, just listening to those ladies and you’ll feel better. 


Just listen to this great song watch this great video :


Six album tracks to shine your days, you will play it many times. Their sweet voices are taking away the pain, you are captured by the emotions and great feelings. For sure there is a big work being and it sounds excellent. I can’t wait to see a label getting those two recording massive albums and playing live in front of stadiums.

Influences are among : Michelle Branch, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, Maddie & Tae, Kelsea Ballerini, Miranda LambertThey have that feel from many, but for sure they have their style to remember. Wildfire is getting your blood boiling of pleasure. You will feel love, flying on a cloud softer than your sheets. Just enjoy and support them by buying their albums so they will give us more amazing songs to dance to. 

A must have for music lovers 100/100.

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