Glasya : “Heaven’s Demise” CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music.

Glasya : "Heaven's Demise" CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music.
Glasya : "Heaven's Demise" CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music.
Glasya : "Heaven's Demise" CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music.
Glasya : “Heaven’s Demise” CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music.

Glasya : “Heaven’s Demise” CD 12th July 2019 Pride & Joy Music. Portugal Symphonic Metal band. It’s with a pleasure I listen to this band, I must admit I heard a lot of Heavy Metal and extreme one from this country in the last decades. It is really amazing to hear such a band with that quality.

The symphonic Metal community has been growing around the world and it is normal that each country has its own band in that music style. Here we have the perfect band that joins the ranks of monsters such as Nightwish and Epica with a touch of Delain.

Classical music has blended into the Metal world and gives those amazing formations full of power and energy. As this is a small country, the band is mainly formed of known musicians such Eduarda Soeiro (also on Nightdream), Davon Van Dave (former Urban Tales, former Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates (former Enchantya), Manuel Pinto (former Enchantya), Bruno Ramos (former My Deception) and Hugo Esteves as founder.

So those name might ring a bell if you follow those bands. While I am not aware of all these bands, I can assure you Glasya is a perfection as a band! The cover artwork shows a goddess in the middle of her temple , giving that greek image. Beautiful cover artwork. It is embellishing the band’s work and very dream like view of what the music is sending you into your mind.

You will dream with soft thoughts , flying like a feather in the sky carried by the slight wind from dream to another. You will feel free and happy. The album’s title is fitting right the feel of the music. A well conceived band with an amazing sight.

Glasya is going to be on the high charts very soon. A masterpiece of emotions and melodies with hard passages to express the difficulties in life. Eduarda Soeiro ‘s voice is like a whisper, a beautiful soft melody that runs into your veins and calm your pulse to let go on this pressure the world is giving you each day.

Take a deep breath and plunge into happiness :

The album was mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers Studios, who worked with bands such as Moonspell, Bizarra Locomotiva, Gwydion … and with the participation of four guests, the voices of Paulo Gonçalves from Rasgo, Flávio Lino from Deadlyforce, Nélson Raposo, a voice-over professional, and violinist Inna Calori. So you got it , this is serious job and it needs a big well done for this masterpiece.

A band that deserve a lot to join the masters on top of the steps for being so good. You will see this band getting strong each day, a promising band that has achieved a pearl in the music. This is perfect 100/100.

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