Jenner : “To Live Is To Suffer” CD & K7 INFERNO Records

Jenner : "To Live Is To Suffer" CD & K7 INFERNÖ Records

Jenner : “To Live Is To Suffer” CD & K7 INFERNÖ Records


Jenner : “To Live Is To Suffer” CD & K7  INFERNÖ Records
. Serbia Thrash Metal band. Wow it has been a long time since a female band made a Thrash album! I can recall of Meanstreak unfortunately made one album. We had few years ago Nervosa. So it’s with a big pleasure I hear this awesome album. Back to the mid 80’s when we used to have Moshing bands to jump into the pit. Mainly inspired by the mighty Anthrax from the first songs, they have all the ingredients to get the old fans happy, and the new ones getting smashed. Signed to the french label they first released a Tape, then a CD it just misses the LP…Videos on the net show them covering ‘I am the law’ getting straight into the point. Heavy and groovy as MOD, Vio-lence, DeathRow a bit of Kreator, a bit of Metallica ‘And justice’… well they got all to drive you crazy.

Those girls kick your ass and you will beg for more, a nice melodic voice , the cover album shows you they got your soul. ‘Hear the thunder roar’ ‘The Heath is Coming Again’ ‘Silent Killer’ only great songs to punch you right in the stomach and gives you the power or Thrash back in the days it ruled. Follow them and get their merch right now 100/100.

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