Laura Cox band : “Hard Blues Shot” 10th march 2017 Verycords.

Laura Cox band : "Hard Blues Shot" 10th march 2017 Verycords.
Laura Cox band : "Hard Blues Shot" 10th march 2017 Verycords.
Laura Cox band : "Hard Blues Shot" 10th march 2017 Verycords.
Laura Cox band : “Hard Blues Shot” 10th march 2017 Verycords.

Laura Cox band : “Hard Blues Shot” 10th march 2017 Verycords. French Blues / Rock / Hard Rock band.

Finally France got a lady that rocks!!! (yeah we have 30 years late for everything). Young and talented , she has a band that got it all to please you. The album title says it all. The cover art is just brilliant , a lady with her guitar and amp wearing high heels to tell you she is a great woman. Yeah that touch may turn the head of some fellas ahah.

A simple yet strong logo and of course the word ‘Band’ to tell she is not the only one making this great music. This lady is amazing and so she expresses her feeling with her guitar and her voice. A kind of ‘Coky’ style  , she is surrounded by great musicians and this is such a pleasure to hear those great tunes. We can hear that those musicians have skills and years of practice behind.

Obviously she can play many instruments and singing at the same time, which makes it a perfect musician to blow the world. She has her own style even though the influences are spilling out from each songs. It is still a great album with strong mix and production, Laura Cox Band is like a strong band that has been around for decades when they are actually not. The label made the right choice and it feels good to see France got a strong rocking band to kick the world. Mostly when it is fronted by a nice talented lady!

Most of the songs are in english, except the last one with tiny parts in French. This girl have a lot of music taste running through her veins making this album a powerful and lovely one to own. Starting with an ACDC kind of song, to move on to a Lita Ford one (the latest bluesy albums). It really rocks with a taint of blues bringing memories of the ancient great bands from the seventies such as Neil Young! Of course you will hear many such as ZZ Top, a bit of country style … many great influences that make this album a pure pleasure for the ears.

Although she is not a shredder, she makes me think of Joe Satriani trying out many instruments giving a special color to the album. Avoiding the usual “box” style we use to set bands into. This is pure music with melodies , kicking riffs great musicianship and a perfect band to hit the world with a big slap in the face. It spills music love and that what makes it such a pearl. Joining the ranks of bands such as The Donnas who mixed up those rocking tunes we all love to death.

Have a hint and get stung by this amazing lady :

While I review this album that came out several years ago, a new album is on its way. As a result Laura Cox Band is playing live shows to pursue their bewitching course to get the most addicted fans as possible, we can say they do it pretty well. The receipt of simple yet powerful rocking tunes is getting you addicted with no doubt. 

Above all it might not be ‘original’ but it is always great for the soul to hear those compositions made by new musicians who have the guts and love for music. A must have for music lovers 98/100.

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