Decadence : “Six Tape” CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose.

Decadence : "Six Tape" CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose.
Decadence : "Six Tape" CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose.
Decadence : "Six Tape" CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose.
Decadence : “Six Tape” CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose.

Decadence : “Six Tape” CD 1st November 2019 Heavy Dose. Sweden Thrash Metal band.

Hundred percent Underground, releasing cover albums, designs and music. The swedes are back with a new album to remind you they are not dead. After years of silence , they gave us a strong album ‘Undergrounder‘; to satisfy the fans who have been following them since the beginning. 

With the will and passion , they released another masterpiece that revives the love of Metal Heads. Kitty Saric and Kenneth Lantz are back, the roots of Decadence. Once again having an amazing drummer, the Gene Hoglan from Sweden : Lawrence Dinamarca!

Strong and great musicians , we can only have an amazing album that keeps the roots of the band. Their is nothing better than listening to a new album that reminds you the early days. They have evolved and while their creation is always turning into the main roots they have settled. A very good album to thrash us all with pleasure. Having great team , Teddy Möller on production, mastered by Jocke Skog and a guest solo from  Kristian Gustavsson …you get a masterpiece!

This new album is more Thrash than the previous one and gets back to the first album, yet with a better sound getting Decadence perfect. Kitty’s lyrics always harsh and on the edge. Can have several meanings as she said. The last track “Tighter” is a message of this modern society that has changed so much. Most songs relate to what we know, that what makes an album great when lyrics are speaking to us all.

Independent and Free, Decadence spills their anger and reality that only Thrash Metal bands have always done. Six tape is just a powerful yet very well conceived and once again proves those musicians are top ones. It also proves without a label you can still be on top and reign Metal music to the bones.

Here is the first track :

Starting with heavy riffs and a touch of melody, a true Decadence album that rips. As their early albums you can feel the influences from Testament to Death etc… Wishing they will get back to the stage and get the explosion live. As a fan I can say this is a powerful Ep and I love it. Nine tracks to get you moving in your car, in your bathroom… it moshes you down! 

The thrashing melody rain is pure ecstasy, pleasure runs through your veins and it feels so good. For the oldest fan they will love it, for the new ones they will dig and get the other albums for sure. Amazing tunes they are delivering after so many years, their blood is here to stay. Hails Decadence forever, it is in the underground you find the most passionate people who deserve much exposure. 

Such a brilliant piece of work, a pearl to own for sure. Maybe one day a picture LP will be done, and I’ll get it for my collection. A must have 100/100.

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