Relinquished : “Addictivities Part 1” CD 22nd March 2019 NRT Records.

Relinquished : "Addictivities Part 1" CD 22nd March 2019 NRT Records.
Relinquished : "Addictivities Part 1" CD 22nd March 2019 NRT Records.
Relinquished : “Addictivities Part 1” CD 22nd March 2019 NRT Records.

Relinquished : “Addictivities Part 1” CD 22nd March 2019 NRT Records. Austria Modern Black / Doom / Alternative / Progressive / Industrial / Metal band. Here is a band that looks and smells like Black Metal but is hard to put in a box, as they mix many styles to get their own. Started as a project fifteen years ago, they are now back six years later after the third album with another concept that will led them to release three albums to end up this personal view of the human being.

So wait to get the part two and three coming, an interesting cover artwork showing kind of a cage with small lights from the windows, a burning person addicted with drugs. So the doomy side of the music is talking easier to the listeners. It is deep dark meaning of the addicted inside personality’s person trapped into his/her mind with a deadly life.

You also can recall the Kreator style when they tried to move on from their Thrash Metal style. The first songs have variations on the vocals and the music reminding many vocal lines from many extreme bands. The fourth song has that Indus sound you also get in the next song which breaks the Extreme Metal a bit to dive back to it.

Enjoy the first song :

So it will please all the extreme Metal fans and get all the modern ones who loves the mixes of genres getting that special vibe. Whispering vocals to give a different atmosphere and feel to dig better the songs, is giving a touch that reminds parts of Pantera try with their blues album .

Sometimes reminding the Gothic side of Paradise Lost Death Metal ‘s early vibe. The harsh vocals reminds a lot of singers from Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Children of Bodom, In Flames..Those special Progressive moments can be categorized as Death parts. So you have a panel of diverse influences going through the Relinquished ‘s sound and creations. A way to make you want to listen and get part of this universe that has a modern touch with older influences giving that extreme Metal it’s special place in the music field.

I regret the last songs get the same vibe when the first tracks had more ‘inspiration’ to give the style they want, but in the overall it is a good project to discover. And if you know the previous work the will to follow them again for this new adventure 95/100.

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