Lovebites : “Clockwork Immortality” CD 2018 Victor Entertainment / Nuclear Blast.

Lovebites : "Clockwork Immortality" CD 2018 Victor Entertainment / Nuclear Blast.
Lovebites : “Clockwork Immortality” CD 2018 Victor Entertainment / Nuclear Blast.

Lovebites : “Clockwork Immortality” CD 2018 Victor Entertainment / Nuclear Blast. Japanese Heavy / Power / Thrash Metal band. It is never too late to discover amazing bands, I do everyday! But I must admit I wasn’t really sure it would happen one day from Youtube, this platform has evolved in a good way. Of course they are lots of crap that should be deleted but music wise it is a great way to discover amazing bands.

In this case I came into the Japanese Metal scene, to my surprise they have few female bands that are worth way more those males ones. I’ve been supporting female musicians since 1977 with The Runaways. I always found they have a sensual touch that makes the music such loveable and just make the sign of women! I’m in love with women and the guitars so when I hear such beautiful and powerful tunes coming from a female band I’m down to my knees and bang my head strong.

Lita Ford, Vixen, Phantom Blue… they are many on the scene, but japan seems to have grown up in the Metal style and is growing its place in the world by giving us skilled musicians. Lovebites is an explosion of love and riffs that gets you addicted from the first note. “Addicted” is the first track on this album and it describes well their creations , it blows you away and you can’t stop listening to those charming talented musicians.

I bought this album straight after I discovered them, they already have played live shows across Europe and are gaining a strong fan base. The label is really by far one of the best in the world when you see what they do for their bands compared to what most musicians state in my magazine. From the stage, the albums with amazing cover.. linked with one of the best German Metal label they reach the world and kick our face.

Looking like baby dolls , they are slapping you with their performances that set the game higher for those so called male power. Japan is known for making amazing musicians as they are working to be the best and they do it well. If Heavy Metal is loosing it’s fame around the globe, this country is bringing powerful bands to kick the scene and keep the style on high level. The secret of Lovebites resides on their ability to compose amazing songs mixing many genres blending them into the best receipt to make the best music ever.

Have a hint:

They are taking pieces and melodies from Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal that created in the nineties what we called Power Metal. You will hear influences from many such as Helloween, Forbidden, Metallica, Anthrax, Firewind, Symphony X, Flotsam and Jetsam,…. it is just amazing and mind blowing.

Lovebites is one of the best band today in Metal , for a band that started only few years ago their ascension has been going faster each year to stardom. The songs are going stronger and stronger and the set list is well composed to get you entertained to the end and press play again. Finishing the album with an amazing “ballad” that is really heartbreaking but gives you much hope.

A masterpiece to own and play forever, I’m a fan and addicted. Excellent band 100/100.

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