Metallica:”72 Seasons” DLP and CD and Tape 14th April 2023 Blackened Recordings.

Metallica:"72 Seasons" DLP and CD and Tape 14th April 2023 Blackened Recordings.
Metallica:"72 Seasons" DLP and CD and Tape 14th April 2023 Blackened Recordings.
Metallica: “72 Seasons” DLP and CD and Tape 14th April 2023 Blackened Recordings.

Metallica: “72 Seasons” DLP and CD and Tape 14th April 2023 Blackened Recordings. USA Thrash Metal band.

Just came out of the theatre, and damn this is killer! I haven’t felt so much intensity in my body since the movie  Through the Never” thirteen years ago! Such power and massive sound. Two hours of boiling pleasure like when I was a kid. As they say, no matter what, you stay a fan forever.  

When the band told me months ago, they would make a movie in a theater in every city in the world. I was skeptical, I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch it as you need to be close to a big city which is not my case. When my friend told me he wanted to see “the guardian of the Galaxy N°3” coming next month, I checked my theater and bought a ticket so I will be able to order them to see this film even though I’m not kin to.

He told me he saw in his town the advert for the Metallica movie. I thought ‘this is weird for a movie only a few can see“… But bam, the first thing popped up on the cinema website: Metallica movie tonight in my town! I ordered straight away the ticket!

I’ve been blown away by the first videos they have released so far, so I thought it can’t bad. I was then in a hurry like a kid to see my favorite band at the theater. To my surprise, but happy, most people were in the same range of age as me, or at least not that young. It comforted me to see many fans are still following them these days. I can say the movie revived my passion and love for the band I kind of lost in the nineties. So another movie about the new album was in need. 

Of course, they captivate your appetite at the start with samples of live shows and fans screaming. A good trailer to motivate the troops. But it is a fake way to make you think about what you’re about to see. The band is all sitting next to each other on a gray sofa (it’s Lars’s words). As they are, natural and funny. Never taking things seriously (that’s why we love them right? ) joking around like young girls who are stressed in front of a camera ah ah.

It’s amazing they are in front of us, on the big screen! They from time to time tell things trying to make us laugh. Then the movie or should I say the documentary, begins.

Each of the members (Lars, James, Kirk, Rob) introduces each song with their way of seeing what they mean to them or what they feel. Sorry, Rob but you’re not convincing lol (“It’s my fav riff, my fav song…” ) ok we got it you had a great time composing this album. I’m happy every member enjoyed this new album and is ready to blast it for years to come at live shows.

Metallica is back! Back with long songs, back with heaviness, back with power, back with speed, melody… well they are at their top! Let’s just imagine 72 Seasons is the next album after the ‘Snake’ album (black album for the media that tell you what to think…). A mix of heavy riffs from ‘Sad But True” and fast ones from “Dyer’s Eyes“. The power and heaviness of “…And Justice for All..” the “Snake album” combined in a powerful machine making it one of the best albums! 

Kirk’s solos have parts from ‘the unforgiven‘ or ‘One‘… and as they always did, using the same chords and same riffs and still managing to recreate great riffs and great songs. Metallica roots always bleed and that’s why we love them!

Have a test:

If you have purchased the album good for you, if not get it now! Several LP colors, etc are waiting for your collection. It’s so great to see this logo in huge size on the screen of your theater! I’d love to have one…

Metallica premiere cinema one date movie


A masterpiece that will blow the world, with amazing videos and music. I can’t wait to see the real videos. The ones seen at the theater were like the early nineties software, showing moving shapes while the music is playing.

A must-have 120/120. (some will get it..)

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