Round Two: Catching up with the Bad Blood Crew Written by Carrie Ann Wolff

badblood shirts wookfest
badblood shirts wookfest
badblood shirts wookfest
badblood shirts wookfest

Round Two : Catching up with the Bad Blood Crew 

Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff

Wookfest 2018 will offer a variety of entertainment – from live music to an auction, new merchandise and everything in-between. The night will include six bands; all with metal roots. While better known names like Jungle Rot and Armored Assault will be taking the stage, a newer hardcore band is already making waves.

Combine some creative kids with hardcore that’s loud, in your face and unafraid and you will get Bad Blood, a true Chicago collaborative that “slams hard and will beat your ass.” Bad Blood is composed of Damien (drums), Des (vocals), Nick (vocals & guitar), Mikey (guitar), and Dan (Bass.) With female lead vocals that pack a punch and heavy instrumentals, it’s no wonder why this band is already being deemed by many as “original.” 

Wookfest, both the annual event and charity, honor Wookie “Jeff” Ziolo after his untimely death in June of 2017. Ziolo was known by people of all ages and walks of life for his talents, friendship and kindness. Ziolo had known Nick, guitarist and vocals for Bad Blood, for his entire life. 

When asked what Ziolo meant to the young musician, he responded, “Whenever I was around him, I felt like he was a musician I could look up to. He was like the big brother I never really had. He has helped me become not only a better person but a better musician which is why losing him was so impactful.”

Bad Blood will proudly take stage for Wookfest 2018, the second annual memorial concert in honor of Wookie “Jeff” Ziolo. The group may be young but they are energetic; bringing raw talent and energy to the stage. The band wanted to play this year, “mainly to give back the same way Wookie did. He was best well known for helping other bands.”

In regards to why people should come out to see Bad Blood at this year’s Wookfest, Damien said, “People should come see us because we are a new band & we have gotten quite a bit of hype around us. It would be cool for people to come out and support the band. We stand out amongst the other bands & think people should come out to support Wookie because at the end of the day that’s what it’s about.”

The band hopes to draw a large crowd and really get the pit going. They are extremely excited to play and promise to set the bar. As for the future of Bad Blood, the band is hard at work. Mikey: “We have new material – new songs, things that are in the works. My guy!”

The group  is also planning a live music video shoot the night of June, 16th. Bad Blood is inviting anyone and everyone to show up for the shoot – a kind gesture of welcoming the public to get there early, show their support and have a hell of a time celebrating the life and memory of Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo.

For more information about Wookfest, Jeff’s story or Bad Blood, please visit and 

BadBlood black logo
BadBlood black logo
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