Sault : “self titled’ demo 2017.

Sault : "self titled' demo 2017.
Sault : "self titled' demo 2017.
Sault : "self titled' demo 2017.
Sault : “self titled’ demo 2017.

Sault : “self titled’ demo 2017. USA Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band. I have this demo for a while on my Macbook 2007 I use when not at home, I thank Donna Labate for sending me bands to share and spread. I apology in my late review , the band is supposed to have an album coming…

I must say I ‘m listening to those four tracks again and again and it’s hard to catch the influences such it has diversity that makes it there own sound. While the musicians are well known for their big bands such Kamelot , Sean Tibbetts amazing talent bassist is pounding heavy riffs that kick you in the butt and power the whole sound, added with Casey Grillo drumming sound gives a surrounding ambiance to give the songs a top strenght for live gigs.

Riggs vocals leads the heavy sound with his talented mixed influences from Rock and Metal vibes giving a presence that is what will lead the band to the top. Curtis Jay guitars catchy riffs just bring the whole tunes a brilliant quartet and is definitively a band to follow.

This band shows that great musicians out of their usual fame are capable of bringing an awesome band with power and great songs. I urge you to check that band and follow them 99/100.


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