Scrawn : “Side by Side” CD & Digital 8th March 2019 Self Released.

Scrawn : "Side by Side" CD & Digital 8th March 2019 Self Released.
Scrawn : "Side by Side" CD & Digital 8th March 2019 Self Released.
Scrawn : “Side by Side” CD & Digital 8th March 2019 Self Released.

Scrawn : “Side by Side” CD & Digital 8th March 2019 Self Released. German Rock / Heavy Metal / Alternative Rock band. Started in 2015 as a project they ended up being a real band and so having compositions to have a complete album. Calling themselves as “Rock ‘n Roll Groove” they intend to have their own style out of the ordinary.

The cover artwork which is awesome, describe the music pretty well and the album title keeps this in mind. What’s funny is they have included the human face in the dark side with the hair cutting in half both sides , the color lighting side with the skull face.

The band’s name is playing with those images and in the whole package we have the best of them all, the cover, the band name, the title, the image… it is 100% a strong message. While most bands don’t have necessarily a cover that describes their names meaning and the artwork is referring to a song or not. This is a band that have made a complete strong message for the first album.

They created songs that talk to anyone in the music world, from simple Rock song to Heavy one with beautiful passages and agression sometimes.

have a listen for a live song :

The guys know how to write great songs, each have a real history with a beginning middle and end so you get into the music and even the lyrics. A well composed album, Scrawn sounds and look professionals a good piece of artwork and easily to love. They will gain fame without a doubt as they are skilled in composing great tunes and it flows so good you are into their world and won’t leave.

They are going on a small tour to promote this amazing album :

8.3.2019: München (Hansa 39 / Kranhalle mit Still Awake und Splicer)
22.3.2019: Ansbach (Café Prinzregent mit One Car Limited)
5.4.2019: Aachen (Schlüsselloch mit Oneiric und Tie-Rex)
6.4.2019: Bonn (RPZ mit Neverland in Ahses und Unlines)
20.4.2019: Hamburg (Grüner Jäger mit Dune Gazer und California F-Scale)
18.5.219: Innsbruck (Jellyfish Bar mit Reaper’s Call)

Twelve tracks with a bonus navigating through Rock and Metal environment to show music has no boundaries and a band is not stuck into one style musically. This is just pure musicianship who share their skills and love for the music so it is a great discovery and a pleasure to hear a band like Scrawn , may it opens some minds about music. Juggling with Thrash riffs with the last song reminding Tankard,  Rock tunes in the vein of Billy Idol, Heavy Metal in the vein of Area 54, Kaine, Iron Maiden, a bit of Power Metal with double drums such as Seventh Thorns, Death Metal such as In Flames , Children of Bodom, a bit of of Folk such as Alestorm, …all those mix with groove and simple good tunes.

Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Kraxenberger from Sick of Sound Studio in Munich. Cover Artwork and booklet layout were designed by the much-acclaimed finnish Artist Jan Yrlund ( One of the best new comers in all genres and a new year with lots of great bands to follow!

Make sure you don’t miss them and buy this awesome piece of art 100/100.

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