Skid Row : “The Atlantic Years” Boxset LPs 3rd December 2021 BMG.

Skid Row : "The Atlantic Years" Boxset LPs 3rd December 2021 BMG.
Skid Row : "The Atlantic Years" Boxset LPs 3rd December 2021 BMG.
Skid Row : “The Atlantic Years” Boxset LPs 3rd December 2021 BMG.

Skid Row : “The Atlantic Years” Boxset LPs 3rd December 2021 BMG. USA HeavtMetal band.

When a band works so hard on the first album for years, it often leads to a masterpiece. Released in 1986 as independant , a singer change and a big label contract later and the first album went platinum worldwide. Still one of the best album to date with hit singles to die to. Marked the end of that era , with the legendary amazing singer Sebastian Bach.

They blew away the scene worldwide with those catchy and powerful riffs, emotional songs tearing you apart right into your deep self. Full on hit songs, the youth felt the energy given and pounded down the anger into beautiful and memorable songs.

For those who didn’t have the chance to live those great years, this box set of their albums , should conquer the world once again! Perfect sound, stated remastered, hasn’t taken an age and sound as great as the first releases!

“Youth gone wild and is about to for decades to come”

Proof that band was already on top when they came out, from the sound to the compostions, Skid Row is a master band that marked the Metal world for decades. It is never easy to create a second album as high as the first one , but in their case they managed it pretty damn good! I remember 1990 live show in paris, a giant singer with his shoes could break his feet. Jumping around , on top of speakers to the stage, lifted by the stairs in front of the drums. Such energy and power , wasn’t a thing you were used to see at Heavy Metal show.

The band simply created perfect songs with the great guitar riffs and solos, high pitch vocals with tons of feelings.. Skid Row really spread their love for music and the fans. For anyone who saw them live , it’s a memory you can’t never forget.

A little taste :

The Bside Ep that has the famous duet with Rob Halford among other songs. It was to hold on fans to get another album while the band was touring intensely the world. The third album came out in mid nineties,  when music had already changed and turned into different vibe and sound. The result gave another musical direction. It kind of given the idea, the band was going to create new music. With a totally different feel than the first two, it was different.

Sadly the success broke the band , Sebastian went his own path and Skid Row changed the singer many times trying to find a way to keep the music going. Like many fans some followed the band and others went checking other bands. Whatever happened and your like of the modern sound of the band, they have created the most powerful albums of music history.

Skid Row Records box
Skid Row Records box

Above all for the first time, the live show in japan on LP! An extreme great surprise that will sell out quickly. We must thank them for the dedication and amazing songs they gave us, it’s for the reason this boxset is a must have and a masterpiece 100/100.

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