St.Madness : “Bloodlustcapades” CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records.

St.Madness : "Bloodlustcapades" CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records.
St.Madness : "Bloodlustcapades" CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records.
St.Madness : "Bloodlustcapades" CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records.
St.Madness : “Bloodlustcapades” CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records.

St.Madness : “Bloodlustcapades” CD 19th March 2018 Nasty Prick Records. USA Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal band. 

With many years behind, they have a good career and many albums. Passionate musicians who wants to express themselves without being too serious. Painted faces and funny emoticon on the cover. The 667 crew is blasting great riffs to dance to. Creating songs and giving credits to other legends, they mix their own compositions with cover ones rearranged to spread their blood.

You have read reviews and interview in The Metal Mag, supporting a dedicated band. Awesome graphic artwork from the cover to the inside booklet. The first song in the vein of early eighties Speed Metal style (Metallica and else) , a voice that sometimes reminds Ozzy Osbourne.. “Day of the Dead” gives credit to those early great years of Metal.

The second track is just a pure Johnny Cash cover in a funny groovy speedy way. St.Madness never are too serious, they are just musicians who loves music and spread their love. Prophet the singer and king of this amazing formation is a big Elvis Fan so you also hear cover from the legendary singer as well.

Melting fun, music love and having good times with their fans. They made an awesome album that speaks to anyone who loves Music and Metal. The third track is a mix of W.A.S.P ‘balads’ and heavy groove from Black Label Society. Melodic vocal lines and brilliant solos, they are conquering every Metal Head around the globe.

The secret of their longevity is simply the mix of all those brillant bands we have and will forever cherish and worship. Some Black Sabbath riffs and passages to get your heart right where it stings. They are for sure great musicians with an awesome musicianship that makes a band so strong and loved by many.

All lyrics full of messages that speaks to us all, “Made in China” is a good example, most of the songs are around two to five minutes apart from two songs (Seven to nine minutes long) . It makes a strong and good album to head bang anywhere you are playing this CD. Pantera, Slayer, Diamond Head… they are inspired by many Heavy Metal bands that made what this music style is about.

Have an insight from a live song (album title) :

Now you have a little taste, but wait there is more! You need to own this album that blows away the world with little speaking parts getting this album a kind of movie. This album is a complete expression of what St.Madness is about! Excellent songs, design .. a way to get into another dimension and feel alive in the music world.

Unlike any other band, Prophet‘s band is sending us good vibe to appreciate their creations. Dive into this out of the box formation , blasting the world with their magic piece of music art. 

This is true Heavy Metal and you will bow down to the mighty St.Madness 100/100.

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