Victory Season : “Victory Season” CD January 2019 Self Released.

Victory Season : "Victory Season" CD January 2019 Self Released.
Victory Season : "Victory Season" CD January 2019 Self Released.
Victory Season : “Victory Season” CD January 2019 Self Released.

Victory Season : “Victory Season” CD January 2019 Self Released. USA Heavy / Thrash Metal band. Founding former member of Texas Hippie Coalition is back with a band that will get every metal fans moshing for good. A formation to bring you the heaviest Metal tunes you want , having for members son and father on bass Duane Connaughton and drums Tor Connaughton the pounding power needed to fire up this formation.

A strong cover artwork and powerful mix to explode your speakers, Victory Season is going to blast the world with their kicking tunes. On the guitars Randy Cooper  playing those fury lightning shreds to electrify the audience. A groove the texas musicians have the secret to, they have settled a special atmosphere in the whole album that makes you dance and head bang for days.

Aaron ‘s vocals are wide with influences and go from nice melodies to harsh growls. Gary Jeffries singing backing vocals on one song,  giving the band a whole combination of talented artists. Those four tracks with one intro will turn for days on your CD player or your computer.. such  their creations are captivating your senses. Starting with “Light it up” to get you right in the mood and following the explosion on the second track “Don’t Tread” , the third song “Cumin’ Home” is getting a slightly heavy with classic guitars and melodic solos. The fourth track starts with an introduction and nice wah wah solo grooving you into a rocking Hard Rock folky style. The last song “Ghost Dance” has a nice intro with sounds sending you into the witchcraft calling like the ancient indians worshiping their dead souls.

Get to know the band a little :

So you got it this is a pretty good band that brings a very nice and rooting album into the Heavy Metal world. Influences ranging from Motley Crue friendly tunes with heavier guitars, Aaron is sometimes sounding like Vince Neil melodic vocals, a strong influence from Pantera both the growling voice of Phil Anselmo and the riffs sending you back into “Cowboys …” era. The groovie American Texan vibe of Chris Holmes,  a slight feel of Black Label Society and a tiny bit of FFDP (which is influenced by pantera for their first EP...).

You got now a good combination of individual mixing their love of great tunes to mix it to an explosion of desire and pleasure for the ears. Blow your mind this is a band to follow as they will make a strong noise in the music world 100/100.

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