Will Black : “Best of XP” CD 2018 Self Released.

Will Black : "Best of XP" CD 2018 Self Released.
Will Black : "Best of XP" CD 2018 Self Released.
Will Black : “Best of XP” CD 2018 Self Released.

Will Black : “Best of XP” CD 2018 Self Released. Canada Blues / Rock / Hard Rock band. While the title is called “best of..” it is not mentioned on the cover. A very good logo with his name, this artist reminds me myself as a child when influenced by all the music I listened to inspired me to create songs. Of course he is better than I as he’s releasing music!

This album XP will please everyone who loves music,the man is skilled and influenced by many musicians from the seventies to the nineties. A guitarist who sings well with sometimes a lady who brings melodies to get the songs even softer with feelings.

His songs get my memory back when I was a kid as I was born with the late sixties tunes and moved through the eighties fame and got disappointed since the nineties music , so it is a fresh ‘if we can say so‘ great tunes that mix up all the great music elements that were created and made that rock will always be here.

Check that song, it is the first on the album and was made on his 2013 album :

So yeah guys must be jealous, ahah he has a nice face to get all the girls. A pretty voice and knows how to rock the guitar to bow to. He is one of the best musicians around playing the best tunes that always fires up our blood.

You will be dancing, shaking, following him to the live gigs. He is one artist that deserves lot of recognition and support. His fans know that quite well. He’s been around for a while now. Take the seventies and eighties music , mix them up in your player and you  get Will Black!

From his voice to the solos, the riffs it will pop up in your mind like a dream. Sending you back in time!!! Influences ACDC,Bon Jovi,Elton John,Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits,Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewarts… he is amazing and I could go on for ages.

This is the perfect album to own, first it is his best of then it regroups such a panel of music history you need to own this album 100/100.

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  1. I agree! Will Black is a musician that is wonderful to listen to, as well as look at. He also treats his fans and following with respect, and friendliness. Excellent article. THANK YOU!!

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