A Return to Debauchery: The Return of SKANK by Matt Drummond

Shank Logo and Band photo
Shank Logo and Band photo
Shank Logo and Band photo

A Return to Debauchery: The Return of SKANK

Written by: Matt Drummond 

Around 2012, a Chicago bulldozer by the name of SKANK, just kind of disbanded. There wasn’t any particular reason for it, it just kind of happened. Sometimes when bands fade away, it goes relatively unnoticed, but not with a band like SKANK. The good news is, the panties will drop once again. The members of SKANK have decided to put the band back together, and it couldn’t be a more perfect venue.

On June 16th, 2018, SKANK will join a stellar lineup to honor their biggest fan, and closest friend, Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo, at the second annual Wookfest. As I chatted with the guys about their foul-mouthed return, the love they hold for Ziolo was at the forefront for why they have decided to reunite.

“To say he was like a brother, I don’t wanna say it’s cliche, but that’s how you look at him, because that’s how he made you feel. You never felt like just a friend, he made you feel like more than that. That’s what makes his loss so impactful, you just feel like you’re losing that person that you almost took for granted, because you just assumed he’d always be there. It’s not until something like this happens that you realize life is too short sometimes. I’m glad that at least during the time I had with him, he was able to leave such a big impression on me. He was just one of those people, that as soon as you saw him, you just knew he was gonna make you feel welcome, and wanted. There really isn’t any way to explain what that means to somebody. He always had an innate way to let everyone know that he was there for them. How can you put a value on that? You can’t.”

     Kyle Koter

For everyone that knew Ziolo personally, there really is no way to repay him for what he has given us all. What we can do, is honor him in death, as he honored all of us in life. He is a brother, there is no other way to put it. It’s fitting that SKANK do there first show in 6 plus years at Wookfest. Although SKANK hasn’t played in a while, they know what it’s like to play for Ziolo, having played birthday concerts for him in past years. Already understanding how much Ziolo meant to the band, I asked how they felt about playing Wookfest 2018.

“I met Jeff around 20 years ago, at a gas station hahaha. We would call each other at weird hours of the night, all the time. He was always such a great guy, and I love him dearly. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I’m excited, but stressed for the show. The guys have been getting together recently, and I have just now gotten back in with the vocals. Of course I forgot like 75% of the lyrics, like how does that even happen? Total mind blank….FML….hahaha. But yes, it’s exciting for sure. It’s a happy, yet depressing time to play Wookfest. Happy in regards that there is a benefit show for him, but depressing because he’s gone, of course.”

     Clay “Skunk” Deilstein

“I can’t wait man! I’ll tell ya, it’s one of those things where when you’re just a fan of music in general. I was always very shy growing up, but when it came to playing music, I never felt any nervousness. It was one of those few escapes for me, where I could feel comfortable. Getting away from it these last few years, I’ve really started to realize how much I miss it. I’ve kinda been chomping at the bit for an opportunity to come along, and I couldn’t dream up a more fitting setting, than honoring Jeff.”

     Kyle Koter 

“It’s completely bittersweet, and that’s an understatement. Jeff IS the reason we are taking the stage again. Playing in tribute to him is all the motivation that was needed to knock the dust off, and get ready for Wookfest. It’s truly an honor.”

     Johnny Nuzzo

June 16th, 2018 will be a celebration of the life of a legend. Having the honor of calling Ziolo a friend, I couldn’t be happier that SKANK will be doing this. There’s zero doubt in my mind that SKANK will leave it all out there, and help the girls get moist once again. The only question, is will you be there to say, “fuck the world, with what it’s  done to me”, with us! 


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