They Don’t Take No……..: Armored Assault Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff 

Armored Assault Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff
Armored Assault Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff
Armored Assault Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff

They Don’t Take No……..: Armored Assault

Written by: Carrie Ann Wolff 

Hard hitting, in your face, screeching, hot metal – it’s what Armored Assault serves up on stage and their performance at Wookfest 2018 is expected to pull no punches. The band is known for their heavy strike of guitars, booming vocals and their ability to bring an entire room to their feet and into the pit.

Wookfest, a nonprofit charity in honor of Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo, holds it’s second annual memorial concert next month at Reggies Rock Club. The band played the first inaugural Wookfest last summer, with limited time and only the ability to play a few songs. With an entire set planned this year, Armored Assault has promised to put on an epic show, one worthy of Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo’s approval. No one stands around for Armored Assault – they’re truly a sight to see on stage.

Armored Assault consists of Andy Pindelski (vocals), Tommy Bellino (guitar), Tony Notardonato (guitar), Elliot Moser (bass), and Mark Suttner (drums.) The band deems their music as “Progressive thrash metal.” With influences such as “Metallica, Opeth, Megadeth & Mastodon.” 

The guys in Armored Assault have a special place in their hearts for Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo. He was a longtime friend, trusted voice and helped record/edit sound for the band. Because of all Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo did for them, the band has become an advocate for Wookfest and it’s meaning.

“Jeff was always honest with us. He would tell us how we sounded; if it was good, if we sucked, he was honest. He would help make the music better,” Pindelski says. When speaking to the band, it’s easy and evident to see how impactful Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo was to them.

When asked why the band is performing at Wookfest 2018, Bellino stated, “for Wookie. He was our brother.” All members of the band share a unified feeling for Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo and his loss. He was involved with the band and the process; being a great friend was just a lucky added bonus. “He was like a big brother to us, he helped us start,” Pindelski said. 

The band urges people to come to Wookfest 2018 so they can “be a part of the show, remember the night and thrash out.” The guys have a fun cover planned along with a set full of pure noise, shredding and of course, big expectations for the pit. They invite all to “come mosh like Jeff would want.” Someone might lose an eye but it’s all for a good cause! 

With 15 years under their belt of bloodcurdling metal and electrifying crowds this is a band not to be missed at Wookfest 2018. Check out Armored Assault on June 16th!

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