Black-Bast :”Casnewydd-Bach” CD 24th July 2018 Self Released.

Black-Bast :"Casnewydd-Bach" CD 24th July 2018 Self Released.
Black-Bast :"Casnewydd-Bach" CD 24th July 2018 Self Released.
Black-Bast :”Casnewydd-Bach” CD 24th July 2018 Self Released.

Black-Bast :”Casnewydd-Bach” CD 24th July 2018 Self Released. French Heavy Metal band. Started back in 2007 in the north of France, the band just released there third album and make one every three to four years. They are working hard to get a great album each time so we can appreciate they are making the most possible job to get their fans what they are waiting for.

The French Metal scene having their old bands sticking around so it is always good to hear young bands trying to make our life better with fresh blood. The cover artwork being a well detailed one with strong impact can only be good to push this band more on the front line.

Singing in french with sometimes mixing english language , they are really creative and this album has no more than twelve tracks! Singing about life on boat fighting with the sea, it is done in a story tale like with a kind of mind talking about the journey of a pirate.

The music is sometimes Heavy Speed forcing the singer to speak fast reminding the early eighties  american bands, which is not easy in the french speaking way. So the music can be loved by anyone even though you can’t understand the language. It is as musically easy to listen to as english singing music with cool parts that will gain lots of love from Metal Heads.

Having roots into the Speed / Heavy Metal music they managed to get an album with original songs to get you moving and enjoying their creations. In fact after listening to it few times I can’t catch up any influence which is rare. It just get into your mind with pleasure. Here is a little sample to mark the album coming out :

It is pretty short but if you check their website by clicking on the name on top, you’ll have the possibility to listen to their music on soundcloud. An entertaining album that’s worth the listen and have in your collection. To give you an insight they love Megadeth, Iron Maiden, … powerful riffs and great solos Black-Bast has everything needed to get the crowd moving. Check them out 98/10.

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