Chaos Magic “Furyborn” CD 14th June 2019 Frontiers Music.

Chaos Magic "Furyborn" CD 14th June 2019 Frontiers Music.
Chaos Magic "Furyborn" CD 14th June 2019 Frontiers Music.
Chaos Magic : “Furyborn” CD 14th June 2019 Frontiers Music.

Chaos Magic : “Furyborn” CD 14th June 2019 Frontiers Music. Chilean  Rock / Heavy Metal / Progressive / Symphonic / Metal band. The band has no website , yet has released a first album years ago. You can find some reviews searching the net. On this amazing cover artwork it is written “Featuring Caterina Nix” so by clicking the band’s name you will end up right to her page since she is the main part of that album.

I think they should have used her name for the band’s name and titled “Chaos Magic” but this is my own point of view. After you stopped watching that amazing cover artwork for ten minutes… you will dig and dive into the music. Some of you may know her for few years back as she is a stunning great singer who participated to numerous musical acts. Chile is getting much more heard worldwide as this country has so many great talents.

So to get back to what I was saying, this is a real Magic Chaos for the sight as for the ears. This is going to be a top charts album in many categories. Many musical influences are spread through this magical adventure the band is sending you through.

I once saw a video of her singing in a much rock / pop tunes, she is one of the best chile singer. She can’t be put in a box, while I never really liked that description “Symphonic” … her voice on this album will be brought into that category for many. As my friend Rick Marino like to say , she is into Sensual Metal style that honestly fits her far much better as a any music category! And she really agrees with that tag!!!  Believe me when you had listened to this album you will also get that style spread to the world.

Caterina Nix is an amazing singer, she has a voice that melts all the females voices in the world in a very sensual sweet melody. A siren into this world of madness, she is captivating your soul to drive you mad and let go on this life. You just want to fly away and never let your life to hurt you such she is sending you in the highest pleasure worlds you ever encountered. Above the clouds, a dream that never stops, so good it tops all of what you have ever felt before.

Like a magic princess, her voice is just love that surrounding your days and you won’t be able to stop listening to this perfect album. What really makes it an awesome art , is a complete work from the cover to the songs they have really searched the best combination to gather as many people as possible to be absorbed and conquered by this music.

I let you dive into this beautiful dream :

So you know what I’m talking about! Yep the music is great, she looks great too ahah . From her words :

I’ve been writing songs for many years, however, on the previous Chaos Magic album I had no intention of interfering with Timo’s creative process,” tells Caterina, referencing ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki‘s involvement on the first Chaos Magic album. “But in the case of “Furyborn,” I had the freedom to design a musical vision of my own. I wanted the album to have both a modern sound and nostalgic feel to it. “

She was in a band called ‘Aghonya‘ and released an album in 2008! Some of you might have that album , so keep it has she will be one of the singer you will hear for long. So to get back to this amazing album “Fury Born” it has some great artist “guesting” on it getting it a such powerful and beautiful piece of art.

Tom Englund (Evergrey) on the titled album track is the second song, bringing emotion and power to the senses. Ailyn (ex-Sirenia) on the sixth song “Bravely Beautiful” giving that lovely touch to break your heart with love. Ronnie Romero (Rainbow and CoreLeoni singer, ex-Lords of Black) on the ninth song “Path Of The Brave”. Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock) appears on keyboards on “Beware of Silent Waters”. Nasson – Producer , Guitars, vocals, piano, programming, acoustic guitars & additional bass. Also sing with Caterina on the song “Falling Again” the fifth song that as an Amaranthe touch with those electronic samples and the duet that powers it.

So the receipt of today’s brilliant albums are just a mix of talented musicians sharing songs with a talented gorgeous magical singer Caterina Nix, who’s voice can make you think of many female singers such as Within Temptation ‘s Sharon den Adel , Echoes of Eternity ‘s Francine Boucher, Delain‘s Charlotte Wessels , Liv Christine, Whorol‘s Ashley Worhol , and many more .. Nightwish, Kamelot, ABBA, Texas ‘s Sharleen Spiteri on the tenth song. You got it she is a magic individual.

Her voice is just purely amazing that has so many tunes and she even push a heavy one at the end of a song “Throw me to the wolves” to prove she can use her guts to power your feelings from the deepest softness to the hardest anger. The eighth track “I’d Give it all” was recorded two years ago you can find on youtube, a beautiful ballad that will make you spill a tear.

So you have eleven songs driving your heart and feelings through many passages of your life , making this album a masterpiece to own and will hit the planet as strong as a comet. Magic piece of art 100/100.

Pre-order the album and stream the single HERE:

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