Mission Jupiter : “Architecture” LP & CD & Digital 18 May 2018 Epictronic.

Mission Jupiter : "Architecture" LP & CD & Digital 18 May 2018 Epictronic.
Mission Jupiter : "Architecture" LP & CD 18 May 2018 Epictronic.
Mission Jupiter : “Architecture” LP & CD 18 & Digital May 2018 Epictronic.

Mission Jupiter : “Architecture” LP & CD & Digital 18 May 2018 Epictronic. Byelorussia Electro / Industrial / Progressive / Symphonic / Jazz / Modern Pop / Rock band. Here is a band with lots of technical skills and love for the music. No boundaries to their music style we can call easily “Space Music”.

I can say fortunately I saw videos of the band live and in the studio, as their songs have lots of sounds it is difficult to get into the music. Each song has influences from diverse music style so they are ones you will love more than others. I am amazed to hear bands like Mission Jupiter who as a new band, has a mixture of music styles with some influences from the eighties and many from today’s music styles. The new generation will without knowing it, love many genres and get credits to a band that simply play music like professionals do, with love and passion.

First the cover art is sending you into the art fields, making you think of the dancing universe with the photo and symbol. Yet with a simple band name and album title sending your eyes right into the art like a painting. Simple but strong.

Eleven tracks sending you into a special universe mixing music tunes from many influences and centuries focused on the electronic sounds the technology has created. To come back to what I was saying about watching the videos first is a very important matter. When you see this is a real band with musicians who play with sounds and atmospheres , if you haven’t seen a video you have the feel of those modern bands who play with keyboards.

In fact seeing a guitarist that plays and the sound is completely different from what a guitar is normally sounds like, reminds me the effects in the nineties you could plug in your guitar to sound like a saxophone for example. So this is where a video is necessary when you are not used to hear those sounds. Those who listen to that kind of music don’t even think of instruments.

This is where Mission Jupiter breaks the boundaries! Bringing something new and artistic. You must think of this album as an piece of art not like a typical music album.

I let you enjoying this song one of my favorite :

The beautiful voice of Nastia Shevtosa will get you in love with this album, she has that melody to catch your ears and make you dig better the music. Influences are such as Delain, Caterina Nix, Norah Jones, Nicole Milik, Muse… you will get many while listening! Their music is sometimes reminding also movie soundtracks! It is just a library of diverse influences making this band special and unique 96/100.

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