Dogbane : “Idylls Of Woe” CD June 2019 Heaven And Hell Records.

Dogbane : "Idylls Of Woe" CD June 2019 Heaven And Hell Records.
Dogbane : "Idylls Of Woe" CD June 2019 Heaven And Hell Records.
Dogbane : “Idylls Of Woe” CD June 2019 Heaven And Hell Records.

Dogbane : “Idylls Of Woe” CD June 2019 Heaven And Hell Records.  USA Doom / Heavy Metal band. 

After four years since the last album, the band is coming back with  strength and the power that set them on the shelves of excellence. A brilliant cover album with a strong presence while pretty much simple yet powerful. The dead’s skull with the barbwire and the plaque like a trophy on the top of a tomb stand. Having their own music style getting them a slight bit of hard to pigeon all. Some country cowboys like vibe in a song, those heavy riffs, some seventish vibe…they are here with a brilliant album but with the root of Dogbane ‘s music.

The good thing for the fans is there is a vinyl on its way! So the pure lovers of this wild genre that mix the seventies and eighties sounds will be pleased to know. That Black Sabbath feel still around on some songs, a song called “Devil’s Tramping Ground” to ravish the Metal Heads. Although they lost a members years ago, they managed to keep their own style that set them apart. Jeff Neal‘s vocals are unique and he’s the reason we can’t imitate their sound.

So Dogbane takes us in a journey that sounds like going into a TV serie. The vibe is kind of “The Invaders” type into a world of the unknown. Imagine getting into a seventies trip or what more into a space chip. This is what I feel, you are visiting a world with music styles getting mixed out to become Dogbane’s ones. It may sounds crazy but it is so cool, groovy and with the peace of those great tunes that could take our brain’s out. Listening to “Idylls of Woe” sends you into a peace world. Even if you dig the lyrics, the music absorbs your thinking and you feel like you belong to the music. The best time a band can give you , stopping your brain to think! 

A pleasure that is so special , you want to plunge into it. You will love this album. Listen to this track and feel the need to get the album in your collection :

Neither less to say, this band knows the great music. Dogbane is an awesome outfit that will conquer the masses. A brilliant album to own like a musical discography with their own creations. This is what makes a band into the music history, a sound that has influences but can’t be found directly without searching into your mind ‘s old memory. Each listener will make up their mind to what it reminds them. Originality is as simple , listening to an album for the sake of it without getting the bits of influences.

A masterpiece on its own , just brilliant 100/100.

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