Furies : “Fortune’s Gate” CD 16th October 2020 Self Released.

Furies : "Fortune's Gate" CD 16th October 2020 Self Released.
Furies : "Fortune's Gate" CD 16th Octobre 2020 Self Released.
Furies : “Fortune’s Gate” CD 16th October 2020 Self Released.

Furies : “Fortune’s Gate” CD 16th October 2020 Self Released.

Started long time ago (2013..), Zaza Bathory (Drums) decided to have a female Heavy Metal band to blast the French scene. First a French band singing in French… two years later after the search for the best part of the band. Lynda Basstarde (bass and vocals), joined and got the band in a better postion.

While Zaza and Lynda were very motivated composing amazing songs, the line up got some issues. (like most bands actually…) Not to mention Heavy Metal sung in French never made a big impact. They so decided to search for better musicians to lift up their music as their notoriety in the Metal scene.

Sadly they found only two males guitarists, in 2016 they recruited Billy Lazer , extraodinary left hand shredder and Sam Flash the other guitarist. The band was now complete with the will to create strong and powerful songs. Lynda has been playing in several bands, have also sung in Sortilege when they reformed for few live shows. 

With the nice line up completed , the band recorded two great songs in the pure Heavy Metal tradition. It ‘s then in 2017 not late after they found the two missing parts, they released a cassette Tape ‘Unleash the Furies‘ in the vein of the nineties ‘singles‘ time. Awesome production, fast tempo and blasting riffs Furies exploded to the scene gaining tons of fans in a short time . Not bad for a band that started few years back..

“When the eighties meet the nineties Heavy Metal explosion , it gives you Furies”

The band got aired on radios, one song on a compilation. Tons of live shows , many t-shirts .. the girls know the business and have the right image to blew away the world. It is with no surprise everyone falls in love with the band. They have the receipt to create one of the best songs ever written, time flies and the album has been awaiting to satisfy the fans.

After three years of long wait , and a tape played thousand times. People who had the pleasure to see them live , and I did . Know the power Furies have and spread with their brilliant tunes. “Fortune’s gate” is now coming to blast the world with an amazing production with still eye catching cover design. 

Listen up :

Touring all around France and Germany, the band is ready for a worldwide tour to gather more fans and spread their blood. The situation is putting on hold most of live shows, the band is set to conquer other countries in 2021. Prepare for world domination.

Influences ranging from Judas Priest, ADX, Manowar, Rock Goddess, Symphony X, Firewind, Heathen, Marty Friedman, Helloween, Attila, Area 54.. Furies bleeds Heavy Metal to the bones.

Catchy riffs, melodies, Thrash parts mostly in the song “Never Say Die” . Lots of power double shred guitars. It is a masterpiece! One song “Antidote” in French but the result is astonishing . Lynda masters her bass and sings like a siren. Hearing bass part is always a pleasure as it has been left being in decades. Zaza got excellent behind the kit, they all are amazing and talented musicians giving this album a pleasure to play over and over again.

Guitarists will love those melodics devilish shreds.  Powered with amazing sound and compositions, this is the perfect album to own . Ten songs of pure Heavy Metal in your face 100/100.

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