Hunter : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th April 2019 Independent.

Hunter : "Self Titled" CD & Digital 27th April 2019 Independent.
Hunter : "Self Titled" CD & Digital 27th April 2019 Independent.
Hunter : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th April 2019 Independent.

Hunter : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th April 2019 Independent.  Belgium Heavy / Thrash Metal band. 

A cover artwork reminding the eighties, a band name that has been used as a song title, a neon light logo… The band want us to get back to the eighties for sure. It is with pleasure I discover this band who spills the great tunes we love. Skilled musicians who have been playing for twenty years, united to bring us an amazing band.

Belgium is a little country that has lots of Metal bands ! I can assure you Hunter is a hell of a good one. The singer David Walgrave has a vocal range that will amaze you, sometimes sounding like Rob Halford, sometimes like Bobby Blitz… He is a true Metal Head and have vocal lines that send us back in time. In the overall they sound like an Overkill feel of the early days.

Inspired by the best, they spill the great tunes to make you love them easily. Listening to this masterpiece sounds like they have created those songs way back decades ago. This is the receipt of great bands, able to create songs that got the influences spilling out with great tunes. Catchy riffs , brilliant solos, Hunter is a band that will leave a trace in the Heavy Metal world. 

Like the good Overkill, they have the same influences that melted got a power Heavy / Thrash album to please the masses. The first track with a Heavy / Doom intro to introduce us into Hunter‘s world. Each song has a specific theme and musical path giving a really interesting approach, the album is just full of compositions and creations showing how hard they worked to make it a special one.

The melodic solos reminding Randy Rhoads , pounding riffs to mosh you down. Dig the lyrics and get absorbed by the music. Seven songs to push the boundaries to create a special atmosphere. Influences varies from Metal Church, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Iron Maiden, DIO, …All great tunes , you will listen to it many times. This is such a great album!

Check that little video :

Hunter has been creating those songs for a while now, so it is time to get this album that blast your ears of pleasure. Maybe a professional video will come, but for now on I advice you to get that brilliant album. You can purchase it as digital and the CD will make a great collectible in your collection. Spread the word , give Hunter a shout out.

A masterpiece to be held in memory 100/100.

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