Jared James Nichols interview .

Jared James Nichols interview .
Jared James Nichols interview .
Jared James Nichols interview .
Jared James Nichols interview.

Jared James Nichols interview on the 2nd October 2023 at the Crossroad café La Rochelle France. USA Blues / Rock band.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this talented artist. He is playing a few dates in France and promoting his album on Digipack CD and LP available at Listenable Records.

The venue Crossroad café has lots of great artists so I couldn’t miss this one. He is a very nice and happy human being, and he grew up very fast in the music business due to his capability to play and sing powerful songs that catch everyone’s heart for good.

Gifted while left-handed, he plays guitar like most guitarists. Only one special point he discusses in this video: he doesn’t have a pick! Something pretty unusual for an electric guitarist yet his playing just blasts the eyes and ears of the listeners.

Just listen and share with every music fanatic;

“Once I figured it out, it was done” 

For the likes of seventies rock and blues masters, if you are digging this kind of tunes then you will love Jared James Nichols

Free, Black Sabbath, Steve Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clear Water, Jeffrey Healey, Johnny Winter, and many more. For the love of blues and rock, he covers it all with his genius compositions. 

A must-have so watch out!

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